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25th April 2018

Maada Bio Receives Women's Situation Room-Sierra Leone at Radisson Hotel!

By a press release (13/04/18)

The Women's Situation Room-Sierra Leone has made a courtesy call on President Julius Maada Bio at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Freetown. 


Reports say the Women's Situation Room made the visit on Friday 6th April to congratulate President Bio on his election victory and to draw his attention to the recent incidents of post-election violence in some parts of the country which has the potential to reverse the gains we have achieved during this electoral process. (Photo: President Bio and First Lady Fatima met the Senegalese President Malky Sall in Dakar shortly after welcoming the Women's Situation Room in Freetown).

During the discussions at the Radisson Blue Hotel where President Bio is temporaringly officiating national duties, the women talked about post-elections reconciliation which they emphasised was a priority to ensure the country is healed.

They reminded the President about the need for women to be involved in governance and called for the economic empowerment of women. The WSR-SL informed President Bio and his transition team that they intend to hold a national conference to evaluate the recently concluded elections to identify the successes, challenges and gaps to ensure an improved electoral process and management bodies for future elections.

President Bio thanked the women for their peacebuilding efforts and commended them for being proactive throughout the electoral process. He was impressed with the flexibility of the WSR process which enabled them to respond to threats and incidents of violence in real time.

He acknowledged that women make up a higher percentage of Sierra Leone’s population and pledged his government’s commitment to women and youth empowerment in accordance with his party’s manifesto.

Concluding, he informed the women that he and Dr. Samura Kamara of the opposition APC party have had telephone conversations and have agreed to meet and talk amidst applause from the WSR-SL women.

Courtesy: WSR-SL Communications 2018


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