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22nd July 2018

Widespread Bloody Violence Condemned as Police Killed, Musician Injured!

By Abu Shaw in London (11/04/18)

Ten years of SLPP in the political wilderness has taken its toll as supporters of the newly elected SLPP gov't have sadly become bloody.


The nationwide bloody violence that ensued following the victorious ascendancy of President Julius Maada Bio to State House has baffled many observers as one police officer lost his life, a musical star injured like many others and properties damaged around the country. (Photo: Dead police officer in post elections violence).

Though the SLPP government has issued press releases to condemn the post election violence, there are also reports linking the now opposition APC party supporters to some of the chaotic situations. But accusing fingers are pointing directly at the drunken and unruly SLPP hooligans for the terrible mayhem.

Now many local and international organisations have added their condemnation voices and have called on the authorities to usher justice as soon as possible. One of the outspoken voices is the United Sierra Leone Movement who blasted in the strongest terms the recent attacks on Sierra Leone musical star LAJ (photo below) and other innocent citizens.

In a press release, the United Sierra Leone Movement called on the Sierra Leone police to swiftly investigate these attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

"Those responsible for these reprehensible attacks should be brought to justice in a fair court trial. These attacks targeting innocent citizens are deeply disturbing.

"The police must do everything in their power to ensure that these cases are investigated in an effective, independent and impartial manner and brings to justice those responsible.

"The Police should immediately take all possible lawful measures, in full compliance with international human rights law, to prevent attacks on citizens and political groups.

"The Police must send a message that attacks targeting fellow citizens will not be tolerated. This latest attack should be a wake-up call to the police that their actions to prevent attacks on innocent citizens have long been inadequate. (Photo below - innocent women killed).

"For several years, the United Sierra Leone Movement has called on the police to address systemic failures in the response to such violence, including wave of violence against members of political parties including the All People’s Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) across the country.

"The people of Sierra Leone should show zero tolerance for all political violence and call for the prosecution of those responsible, instead of blaming the new government which has just been elected. The police should do their job. Everyone has an important role to play for us achieve a better and United Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone musician commonly known as LAJ was attacked by some youths alleged to be supporters of the ruling party SLPP. According to reports from Freetown, the artist was at his hotel in Aberdeen along the beach road, when some unidentified youths attacked him living leaving him badly wounded in the head. Presently LAJ is receiving treatment in Freetown. Eye On Sierra Leone totally condemned this unlawful action and call on the security body of the state to bring anyone responsible to justice.

"The United Sierra Leone Movement appreciates muscian Kao Denero who has issued an audio statement condemning the attack. The United Sierra Leone Movement believes that LAJ and other citizens should be supported and protected. They are citizens of Sierra Leone who should be allowed to enjoy their freedom and human rights regardless of their political affiliation," the USLM release ends.

Courtesy: Sallu Kamara United Sierra Leone Movement Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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