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25th April 2018

Opposition APC Party Dominates the New Parliament as SLPP, C4C, NGC Follow!

By a press release (09/04/18)

The new Sierra Leone Parliament is dominated by the opposition APC but the tendency for new parties to minimise APC's majority is high.   


Following the March 7 general elections, during which which parliamentarians and district councillors were elected in Sierra Leone, reports say at present 131 ordinary seats in parliament have been declared. One more seat still remain outstanding. (Photo: Peace talks as President Maada Bio, left, welcomes APC leader Dr. Samura Kamara).

The main opposition All Peoples Congress APC party has 68 members of parliament; the new government of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP has 48 parliamentarians; the Citizens 4 Change C4C party netted 8 MPs; and the National Grand Coalition NGC party clocked 4 members of partliament and there are 3 parliamentary seats for Independent.

Reports say Paramount Chief members of parliament are yet to be communicated to the Clerk of Parliament in Freetown.

In a related development, there are unconfirmed reports of eight contestable parliamentary seats of APC in Freetown that will be added to SLPP. It is alleged that the eight APC MPs in question were workers, receiving salaries from government consolidated fund during election time. Reports say petition is on the way against the questioned APC MPs.

Reports also indicate that the three Independent candidates will be expected to vote alongside the ruling SLPP government as they are genetically SLPP who just went independent out of various other reasons. If all goes as planned, the SLPP strength will move from 48 to 51 after adding the 3 independent counts.

The C4C with 8 seats will make their leader Chief Sam Sumana in a very strategic position in the eyes of the APC ranks who would surely like to receive their prodigal son back in the APC family.

With 4 members of parliament already bagged by the new NGC party led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, who is also a winner of his parliamentary seat in Kambia, the new parliament will be vibrantly active and interesting in the next five years.

This is the first time in a long time that an opposition party - this time the APC - will dominate parliamentary affairs in Sierra Leone.


1958 -1980


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