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22nd July 2018

Former APC Minister Predicted Bio's Victory Six Months Ago, but APC Paid Dead Ears!

By a press release (09/04/18)

"I predicted it five to six months back my dear...I had been worried the APC was too complacent," former APC Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden noted.


Dr. Sylvia Blyden was the former Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs in the dethroned APC government of President Ernest Koroma. She added: "And when I was sacked in such a stupid and eerie manner, I knew a Bio presidency was very much the likely outcome of 2018 elections." (Photo: Former President Ernest Koroma, now a crying baby).

She disclosed late last year that the midgets and juveniles were no match for Julius Maada Bio, leader of the main opposition SLPP party.

"Bio almost won or forced a runoff in 2012 but for my skills that stopped him in his tracks... As the days go by, certain things will get clearer and clearer about some unanswered questions that have puzzled me for some time now. Some questions have already been answered in the last 72 hours but more will become clearer as the days go by...," Sylvia Blyden confirmed after the just ended run-off which SLPP won.

Sylvia's surprising description of the new President of Sierra Leone: "Bio is one of the most clever political strategists of our time. His skills have military precision. One of the strategies used by Maada Bio over the past 5 years was targeted sustained campaigning of teenagers... Da guy get sense! A very brilliant tactician."

"When I was made Minister for Children Affairs, I quickly realized what he had been doing across the country. You have to give it to him, he was very tactical and he had a team also embedded at State House and at Presidential Lodge Residence who misguided Ernest Bai Koroma very seriously...."

Sylvia was sacked by Ernest because of her stiff stance on corrupt practices in the APC government. A miscalculation that many political observers believe was the catalyst that led to the downfall of the APC party in the March 31 run-off polls under its presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara.

"Let's see how the deities now allow Bio to proceed. I will be keenly observing President Maada Bio," Dr. Blyden concluded.


1958 -1980


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