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15th August 2018

Kenema and Freetown West Police Bosses Swap Postings as Security Tightens!

By Philip Koroma (08/04/18)

In the aftermath of the violent scenes in Kenema, an unprecedented police chief swap has taken place, the first major SLPP government reshuffle. 


Reports say as the former Freetown West Assistant Inspector General of Police AIG arrived in Kenema to resume official duties, the former Kenema AIG simultaneously alighted at the Freetown West Police Station to take over his new responsibilities. (Photo: AIP Karrow Kamara unwanted in Kenema).

The newly transferred police chief in Kenema Augustine Kailie has reportedly already resumed duty after the sudden transfer of his predecessor AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara in the opposite direction. Observers say this is the first major mini reshuffle in the early stage of President Julius Maada Bio's presidency.

The newly transferred AIG east Augustine Kailie is reported to have coincidentally attended a security stakeholders meeting at the office of Local Unit Commander Kenema division few hours before his emergency transfer.

Poor AIG Karrow Kamara was under serious pressure before, during and after the general elections and following the victory of the SLPP party things took for the worse as widesread violence erupted caused by drunken SLPP supporters who saw the former AIG as enemy of the SLPP party.

The immediate transfer of AIG Karrow as Regional Commander of Freetown West located at Lumley Regional Command, was timely for the security of Kenema.

Drunken SLPP youths unleashed mayhem on the police and even burnt down the police station in Kenema. Other properties belonging to ousted APC government officials were reportedly vandalised. Many people were wounded as a result.


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