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22nd May 2018

SLPP Supporters' Celebrations Mar with Violence as 7 Police Injured in Bo, Kenema!

By Abu Shaw in London (05/04/18)

The new SLPP government of Julius Maada Bio has obviously started on the wrong footing following reports of violence around the country.


Horrible reports from the SLPP strongholds in Bo in southern province and in Kenema in the eastern province have emerged highlighting violence and intimidation resulting to the hunting for police officers, seven of whom have reportedly been injured by drunken SLPP youths. Such violent celebrations by the SLPP supporters is unacceptable. (Photo: President Bio with vice president Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, left, need to stamp their authority now to usher peace).

Understandably, following the announcement of the March 31 run-off results yester night by the National Electoral Commission chairman, N'fa Mohamed Alie Conteh, nationwide celebrations ensued as SLPP supporters punched the air in celebrative mood nationwide.

But many of these celebrations have turned sour as over zealous SLPP supporters went on the rampage, disburbing the peace, properties attacked and worst of all attacking police officers and even police stations.

This latest report of SLPP youths today attacking the police in Kenema and Bo is obviously not auguring well for the new government of president Maada Bio. Observers believe this is a bad start for the SLPP government and if it is not nipped in the bud now, the country will become ungovernable.

Worried people in the country are asking themselves these questions: Who can stop this madness by warning SLPP supporters that there will be no haven for them from the law? What happened to the police and all our law enforcement agencies? Why does it have to take the new president to speak before the volence stops?

"And all I asked for is for president Maada Bio or even his PROs who always come out with so much audios to ask their SLPP supporters to be peaceful when celebrating," an aggrieved Sierra Leonean warned.

Journalist Umaru Fofana of the BBC Focus on Africa interview today confirmed the violence story. Reports also say some SLPP youths went on to search for the police boss in Kenema.


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