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25th April 2018

SLPP Agrees to APC Proposal to Use Both Microsoft Excel and Tally 2018 Systems! 

By Abu Shaw in London (02/04/18)

The electoral deadlock has just been lifted after the SLPP party agreed to allow APC's proposal to use both Excel and Tally 2018 systems.


Thanks largely to the emergency mediation meeting called this morning by the international observers at Bintumani Hotel where the two presidential candidates of the APC and SLPP Dr. Samura Kamara and Julius Maada Bio respectively also participated. (Photo: All smiles after the meet today - L/R: Mahama, Bio, Samura and Amos Sawyer).

It now virtually means the National Electoral Commission NEC will continue the tallying by using the Excel and NEC's Tally 2018. In the communique, the APC also agreed to SLPP's earlier proposal of using Tally 2018 in the event of any electoral discrepancy. 

The mediation communique was signed by both APC and SLPP candidates and the NEC chairman Mohamed Nfa Alie Conteh. The signatures of the Head of the Commonwealth Observer Group John Dramani Mahama; Head of the African Union Electoral Observation Mission Kgamela Motlanthe; Head of the ECOWAS Electoral Observation Mission Dr. Amos Sawyer were also appended. Jubilation and handshakes ensued among the participants after the historic meeting.

NEC: Election Results Delayed as SLPP and APC Battle over Software System! 

Deadlock its seems for the early announcement of the run-off results as both the APC and SLPP parties disagree on NEC's collation methods. As it stands momentarily, the Sierra Leone National Electoral Commission NEC cannot go ahead in collating the final results of the March 31 run-off from the polling stations by using the same tallying system they adopted during the March 7 elections.

This is because the ruling APC party and the opposition SLPP party could not agree on which system to use to collate the results of the presidential runoff election. Thereby delaying the final announcement of the results.

Reports say APC prefers the Parallel Tallying System proposed by the NEC so that the parallel system uses Microsoft Excel to input the raw data whilst the existing NEC system called TALLY 2018 goes on as before simultaneously - side by side.

The opposition SLPP party on the other hand prefered the existing system adopted by the NEC which can automatically reject fake results and reconciliation forms (RRF). And considering the rampant electoral malpractices in the March 7 polls, SLPP sources say modalities must be put in place to highlight any irregularities. "The APC suggestion will not detect or reject fake results," SLPP noted.

As we go to press, local and international election observers are currently mediating with other political stakeholders to break this deadlock so as to facilitate the early announcement of the March 31 run-off presidential elections.

Reports say, Ghanaian diplomat Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas of the United Nations/West Africa and Sahel office, is leading the mediation team in Freetown.

Trust is really in short supply in Sierra Leone political scene as both APC and SLPP could not see eye to eye thereby putting the NEC in a very difficult situation. And reports just in say the two presidential candidates Dr. Samura Kamara of the APC and Julius Maada Bio of the SLPP are meeting at Bintumani Hotel to thrash out a united position.


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