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22nd July 2018

Votes Counts are Underway as APC Jujuman Caught Amid Intimidation Claims!

By Abu Shaw in London (01/04/18)

As National Electoral Commission embarks on votes counting, an APC Jujuman was caught casting spells on SLPP party as intimidation mounts. 


On the ground electoral reports of intimidation and harassment in the March 31 presidential run-off reaching press make alarming read. (Photo: APC Jujuman caught helping his party to win the run-off through black magic). Conflicting stories on the conduct of supporters of both the ruling APC and main opposition SLPP parties around the country on polling day are not something Sierra Leoneans should be proud of. No surprise that both parties continue to accuse and counter accuse each other's supporters of fermenting trouble during the presidential run-off.

Social media forums in Sierra Leone especially the two main ones Salone Reflection and Salone Mirror that noticeably worked overtime during the electioneering process highlighted stories of public interests some of which have been published below for our numerous readers around the world:

SLPP Accuses President Koroma's Daughter of Harassment and Intimidation!

Outgoing President Ernest Koroma’s daughter and other senior APC thugs stormed polling stations in Mafa Field. President Koroma’s daughter, Dankay and host of senior APC thugs including Leather Boot, Washinghai, Herbert Williams reportedly stormed polling stations in Mafa Field, Constituency 132, Lumley Grassfield.

Dankay and the APC thugs led by Washinghai beat up SLPP supporters. SLPP party agents were chased out in many of the polling stations by Military and Police Officers. Many of the ballot boxes have been filled with ballot papers as I write by APC thugs under the instruction of Dankay and the senior APC thugs.

Mafa Field has been targeted because APC lost to the SLPP during the March 7th election which was significant for the parliamentary victory of the SLPP Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Tawa Conteh. The involvement of the President's daughter, Dankay in political violence and intimidation at Mafa Field will be seen as a daughter acting on the instruction her father, President Koroma.

International Observers reportedly asked former APC Minister of Trade and Industry, Allieu Pat-Sowe who also doubles as APC Western Area Chairman and his group of thugs to move 400 metres away from a polling station around Circular Road, as they intended to engaging in ballot stuffing before the start of counting. Courtesy: Platinum R. Media.

Concord Times' Patrick Jaiah Kamara has been attacked by Sanusi Bruski of the APC and thugs under his control. The incident happened at Mafa field, Lumley in the full view of police and military officers. Patrick was brutalized in my presence and a camera in his possession damaged. We are on our way to the Lumley Police Station to make a statment. Courtesy: Abu-Bakarr Sheriff, Editor Concord Times.

In Lumbly, the tension was so high. APC was using misguided Police and Military personnel to intimidate folks. In fact, eye witness said journalists were man handled by the MAC-P folks.

APC Resident Minister East Karamor Kabba and Gbakoi were fighting NEC officers in Gandorhun Court Barry Gbaneh chiefdom in Kono district.

APC Accuses SLPP of Using Ex-Kamajor Fighters to Intimidate and Harass!

SLPP using ex-Kamajors to intimidate APC supporters. APC member in Bo Sheik Sillah told Freetown Post that they don’t really understand why the SLPP is bent on harassing and intimidating APC supporters in south and eastern regions.

Mr Sillah raised the concerns following another attack waged on two APC supporters, leaving one with a broken arm, a stabbed wound and the other with an uprooted tooth in Gerehun Bo district.

One of the victims explained that the SLPP are using ex-civil Kamajor fighters to intimidate APC supporters, that is why the SLPP leader Julius Maada Bio is so resolute and wants to be president by crook, according to the APC.

An escaped APC supporter was brought by a private Okada at the Bo presidential lodge government reservation. Last night the APC Kailahun district chairman Lamin Vonjo Ngobeh and team were attacked by SLPP ex-Karmajors operatives.

Some armed men supposedly believed to be providing security to Julius Maada Bio were intercepted at Lumley roundabout and there were reports of gun shots of live bullets heard in the community. Also, ballot papers issuer in Bo has been arrested by the police for pre-marking of ballot papers. The District Election Officer, Bo Mr. John Simbo reportedly confirmed this to Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation SLBC.

Moreover, an SLPP party agent today ran out of luck when he was arrested by youth at PWD Junction, Old Road, Kissy in Freetown. Some SLPP members arrived at Redeem School, Moeba, Kissy Brook with the intention to engage in ballot stuffing.

As soon as the youth suspected their suspicious movements they drove off with a break neck speed in their Hilux vehicle leaving behind one of their unlucky supporters behind. He was chased by angry youth from Moeba to PWD Junction where he was finally apprehended and handed over to the police with his SLPP party agent card. Courtesy: Abdul Karim Koroma

APC sources denied the Jujuman story but SLPP supporters told this press that they caught the Jujuman (sorcerer) very close to SLPP voters in Freetown.


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