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22nd July 2018

Supreme Leader's Friendly Gestures Now Crown his Dishonesty and Hypocrisy!

By a Concern Citizen (29/03/18)

Sierra Leoneans are questioning why President Ernest Koroma has suddenly become so generous to the opposition over the last few weeks! 


Firstly, the APC Supreme Leader paid a surprise visit to the sickly mother of the National Grand Coalition NGC leader Dr. Kandeh Yumkella two weekends ago.

Secondly, President Koroma ordered his APC Judges to drop the dual citizenship case against the NGC leader. (Photo: President Koroma making amends too late).

Thirdly, the APC outgoing leader also granted presidential pardon to Siaka Sama, the Independent Candidate that won the seat in Pujehun District.

Fourthly, President Koroma freed five prisoners that a land right campaigners detained Pujehun associated with the independent candidate who won the seat.

Fifthly, the Head of State further begged Sam Sumana, the leader of the Citizens 4 Change C4C party and former APC VP who was sacked by President Koroma in 2015. The Supreme Leader asked for forgiveness and promised Sam Sumana that the APC government will honour the ruling by the ECOWAS case.

Moreoever, most of the APC government contractors are reportedly busy paying monies to breakaway APC voters in northern communities who voted for opposition SLPP and NGC parties in the March 7 polls.

Also, and most astonishingly, President Koroma has ordered all APC supporters who were brutalising and insulting NGC supporters to be nice and courteous to them. Many NGC supporters now were members of the corrupt APC party.

President Koroma has additionally deployed more police and military officers in the SLPP strongholds of Bo in the south and Kenema in the east than is necessary.

Reports are still fresh about the former SLPP parliamentarian Robin Fallay who was accused of commiting electoral fraud in 2012 but when he crossed over to the APC, he automatically received presidential pardon from President Koroma. Etc. etc.

Many independent observers believe these latest manipulations by the APC leader are only geared towards luring more supports for his beleaguered and unsellable presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara who is going head to head against the SLPP leader Julius Maada Bio in the March 31 run-off.


1958 -1980


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