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22nd July 2018

NGC Founder Yasmin Jusu Sheriff Dismisses the APC Liars for Yumkella's Case!

By a press release (29/03/18)

"The case has not been discontinued as purported by the APC in social media," one of the founders of the National Grand Coalition Party noted.


Lawyer Yasmin Jusu Sheriff, one of the NGC pioneers, has said that the petition case brought against Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkellah by APC supporter one David Fornah has not been discontinued or thrown out of the Supreme Court as is widely reported. (Photo: Yasmin Jusu Sheriff).

She was reacting to a social media messages peddled by some APC members and credited to Awareness Times Newspaper. The news carried a fake document of discontinuity signed by the Court's Registrar contrary to the truth.

Madam Jusu Sheriff says the action by APC is a cheap political propaganda to win over some NGC voters in the run-off. She advocated for a change and no one will stop that national change.

"This is unprofessional behaviour and sharp practise by our colleague Centus Macaulay done apparently to assist the APC 's crude attempts to score cheap political points," Yasmin added. Yasmin wrote the following in response to one of the enquiries she had received from one concerned NGC member:
Hi Alberta,
Yes, the Dual Citizenship case is still very much alive. The High Court & Supreme Rules are clear that the document being paraded on social media is NOT the correct or legal way to discontinue such a matter as ours in the Supreme Court. This silly paper is just another fake product of someone's imagination designed to deliberately mislead the voting public into thinking otherwise.

Our legal team led by Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh is totally confident of our case and we shall be in court on Wednesday 28th March to go on with this matter.

There are important national issues at stake that affect hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora especially so NGC and KKY are not about to give up on this case.

I think this APC man and his lawyer are now afraid to face the court and want to run away from their bogus case. I hope this helps clarify the facts of this matter and sets your mind at ease.
Regards, Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff


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