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25th April 2018

Njala University Mourns APC Police Brutality on Black Thursday with Tears!

By a press release (27/03/18)

Students at Njala University have remembered one of the darkest days in their history by reminiscing the APC police brutality on their campus.


March 23, 2018 marked one year anniversary since some Njala University students were woefully killed by police after following orders from the ruling APC government. (Photo: Former Inspector General of Police Mr. Francis Munu, now ambassador to Liberia).
Widely dubbed 'Black Thursday' students still remembered the brutality meted out to their colleagues by the police that resulted to unwarranted deaths. Reports say the students were merely on the streets demonstrating for their hard working lecturers who remained unpaid for months.
The people of Sierra Leone can bear us witness on that fateful Thursday when the APC government of president Ernest Koroma inflicted unbearable harm to Njala University to the horror of both local and international communities.
"We will not take guns, sticks or machetes to fight them. Instead, we will fight the APC government through the ballots boxes with our votes. So please fellow students and parents join us to kick APC out of power because enough is enough," Njala students urged as the run-off elections looms.
Reports say the student campaigners should not encourage them in their tribal and regional campaigns. "Because if we do our peaceful country will face the same situations that was faced by Rwanda. Please say no to tribalism and regionalism," they noted.
RIP to our colleagues that were killed on Black Thursday, March 23,2017.
Courtesy: Mustapha Koroma Njala University


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