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22nd July 2018

Minah's Last Words Indict the APC Party's Betrayal of their Vice Presidents!

By a press release (25/03/18)

The ruling APC government has very high marks for betraying their vice presidents past and present. It's a DNA that continues to haunt the APC.


APC Vice President Francis Mishek Minah was never guilty of the offence that he was charged with. And in the last hour before he was hanged he gave a farewell message to his family. His last words were: "Time will prove me innocent." (Photo: L-R: S.I. Koroma and Francis Mischek Minah, vice presidents that APC betrayed).
On October 7th, 1989, the former APC VP Minah was hanged at the Pademba Road Prisons following his conviction by the High Court for treason and related charges. Mr. Minah who maintained his innocence throughout the trial stated in his letter to his family hours before his death that time will prove him innocent.
"To my wife Mrs. Gladys Minah, my mother Keturah, sister Marty, brother Jacob and all my aunts and uncles, all my other brothers, relatives whose names are numerous to mention, to the Jacobs family in England and their friends.
"Within the next few hours or so, I will be facing the gallows. Today 6th October 1989 marks exactly two years and six months since I was brought to Pademba Road and later charged with treason. I was convicted on the 17th of October 1988 and my appeals to two appellate courts of this land were rejected. My plea of clemency to his Excellency the President Joseph Saidu Momoh has been rejected so I have no alternative.
"I wish to thank particularly my wife, my children, my sisters and brothers and all those mentioned above who have helped me to put forward my defense. My lawyers also did their best and I thank them for their efforts. Although we have failed, as Christians, you should not weep as if you have no hope. Our hope should be in the Lord who made everyone in this world. So I urge that you continue to pray to Him for your salvation and mine.
"Even at this last moment, I wish to say again that I am innocent of the offence for which I will be hanged. But this is all a matter of history now. Only time I believe will prove me an innocent man. The truth shall surely prevail. I urge my sister Marty to continue to take care of our poor mother and let her at her death be given a decent burial.
"To you particularly Gladys, I wish to say that you have been a faithful and sincere wife to me and God will surely bless you and our children. I am leaving you all at a time when we least expected, but since it is the will of God, He will provide and continue to protect you all. I commit you to His loving care and keeping. I hope all of you mentioned above will live as one family and look forward to the Lord's protection as I know you must have learnt a lesson from my own life.
"To my lawyers Berewa, Betts, Berthan (Jr.) and Berthan (Sr) I owe a debt of gratitude. May God bless them in their endeavours. Finally I must not forget Mrs. Marty Hoyte for her services to the family and Mrs. Irene Young my former official secretary.
"I bid you all goodbye, we shall surely meet on the beautiful shore. God will surely receive all of us one day as death is the inevitable end of all men. GOD BLESS."
APC had also betrayed their most famous Vice President Sorie Ibrahim Koroma popularly known as SI Koroma or Agba Satany. Late President Siaka Stevens snubbed and betrayed SI Koroma, a very loyal APC servant, when he handed over power to his errand boy and successor President Momoh instead of SI Koroma.
Years later the APC party continued its political betrayal scheme when President Ernest Koroma unconstitutionally sacked his vice president Sam Sumana in 2015. The rest, they say, is history.
And very recently, during the APC convention to elect/select a presidential candidate for the March 7, 2018 elections, the current VP Victor Foh was betrayed and snubbed by his boss after the APC Supreme Leader singlehandedly selected Dr. Samura Kamara as presidential candidate. "Betrayal of VPs in the APC party will never end. It is part of their DNA," former APC supporters opine.


1958 -1980


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