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22nd July 2018

President Koroma Accused of Bribing Opposition Politicians US$10,000 for APC!

By Abu Shaw in London (23/03/18)

The March 27 run-off election is getting dirtier by the minute as accusation of high level bribery flies in the corridors of power State House.


Confirming the bombshell yesterday, the leader of the Coalition Democratic Party CDP Alhaji Musa Tarawally revealed that President Ernest Koroma has continued his dirty politics by destabilising opposition politicians through bribery and corruption in order to lure favours for his unpopular APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara. (Photo: CDP leader Musa Tarawally, white gown, welcomed to SLPP meeting in Bo yesterday).

Mr. Tarawally, a former APC minister under President Koroma told the world through the 98.1FM radio in Freetown that some of his colleague politicians in the coalition party have received 10,000 United States dollars each to not only divide the CDP coalition, but to also make sure they cast their priceless votes for the APC candidate in the run-off next week.

The visibly annoyed CDP presidential candidate outbursts in the radio station was frighteningly unsurprising as he accused Koroma of destabilising the CDP coalition. Musa however noted Ernest Koroma's ploy will not work as he believes their coalition will, as earlier agreed, vote for the main opposition SLPP party led by Julius Maada Bio.

Earlier this week, the CDP leader told the media in Sierra Leone that his CDP coalition party, consisting of the Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), the Peace and Liberation Party (PLP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) agreed to support the SLPP party because they feel Sierra Leone needs a change now.

But now it seems, since the endorsement announcement by the CDP coalition, the APC supreme leader President Koroma has embarked on his nebulus concept of bribery and corruption to buy votes, a tactical move that has almost effectively splits the spirit of the coalition. Reports say some of the bribed politicians are already romancing with APC's Samura.

However, Musa Tarawally challenged the radio station that the scheduled CDP meeting in Bo, southern Sierra Leone will go ahead and all the CDP coalition leaders will be present to officially endorse the SLPP leader Maada Bio.

The Citizens Democratic Party is part of a coalition with other political parties including Revolutionary United Front Party, Peace and Liberation Party and People’s Democratic Party. It remains to be seen if the 10,000 US dollars bribe has effected any negative change within the CDP.


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