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22nd July 2018

Voters Want APC to Account for Over 25 Million US Dollars of Flood Donations! 

By a press release (22/03/18)

Sierra Leone television network MambaTV is continuing to track the millions of mudslide donations kept by the ruling APC government.


To keep the public informed about the donations of cash, including pledges, as well as food and non-food relief items to the Sierra Leone Government and its authorized representatives for the benefit of flood victims, MambaTV is continuing to track the subject donations. (Photo: Burial site for flood victims). Below is a list of donations tracked as of August 30, 2017:

Cash Donations in US Dollars (Including Pledges):

1. President Faure Gnassingbe $500,000
2. President Alpha Conde $100,000
3. ECOWAS delegation $300,000
4. China $1,000,000
5. Mercury International $55,000
6. NP $53,000
7. Africell $67,000
8. EU delegation (various humanitarian organizations) $336,000
9. Ecobank $ 200,000
10. UK $6,443,000 (5 million pounds)
11. Fawaz Building Materials $26,600
12. UAE $150,000
13. Senegal Government $100,000
14. Bank of Sierra Leone $13,300
15. Zenith Bank $20,000
16. Vimetco Mining Company $100,000
17. China community $13,300
18. Tony Emulemu- Nigerian Banker $500,000
19. Staff and Partners of Ministry of Agriculture $10,000
20. National Secretariat of APC $33,333
21. Arab Bank for Economic Development (BADEA) $300,000
22. Sierra Leone Airport Authority via General Manager $6,666
23. Moroccan Ambassador on behalf of King of Morocco, Mohamed VI $150,000
24. African Union $100,000
25. Government of Nigeria $1,000,000
26. Bollore Africa Transport and Logistics $66,667
27. South Africa Government $605,000 (R8 million)
28. Word Bank $13,000,000
29. Airtel/Orange $73,333
30. Sierra Leone Mining Limited $100,000
31. Nigerian Elites in Sierra Leone $7,333
32. National Muslim Women Caucus of Liberia (via SL Embassy, Liberia) $500

Total Cash Donations: $25,430,032

Non-Cash Donations

1. Mariatu Kargbo and Friends in China to the Ministry of Social Welfare: 50 bags (50kg each) of rice and other items.

2. Fawaz Building Materials: 200 pieces of foam mattresses, 600 pairs of plastic slippers, 20 cartons of soap, 6 bales of clothing.

3. First International Bank: 50 bags (50kg each) of rice, 25 gallons of cooking oil, and 10 cartons of tomato paste.

4. Bishop Oyedepa of Winners Chapel: 250 bags (50kg each) of rice, 250 litres of cooking oil, 250 bags of onions, and 250 blankets.

5. Staff and Partners of Ministry of Agriculture: Non-food items worth $5,000

6. Lebanese Community: 354 bags (50kg each) of rice, 18 bails of used clothing, 600 dozen drinking water, 250 mattresses, 1,500 big size tooth paste for 1,500 persons and 10 Cartoons of big size biscuits.

7. King Mohamed VI of Morocco: 32 tonnes of relief items including medical supplies, tents, and mistresses.

8. APC UK & Ireland: 100 bags (50kg each) of rice.

9. Salman Company Limited (SAMCO): 300 bags (50kg each) of rice and 50 bags of sugar.

10. Satguru Travels and Tours: 150 bags (50kg each) of rice.

11. Indian Merchantile Association: 500 bags (50kg each) of rice, 5,000 cartons of drinking water, 100 gallons of cooking oil (20 litre each), 100 mattresses, 400 buckets, 600 drinking mugs, 1,200 plates, 200 cartons of soap, 100 set of cooking pot, 200 wonder stoves, and 200 cartons of biscuits.

12. Government of Nigeria: 315 tons of food items and 4,000 units of medical supplies.

13. Bollore Africa Transport & Logistics: Food and non-food items worth $20,000

14. Airtel/Orange: 24 boxes of facial mask, 4 maps with internet service, and others valued at le.1.9 billion.

15. Nigerian Elites in Sierra Leone: 100 bags (50kg each) of rice.

16. SOS Children's Village: 80 bags (50kg each) of rice, 80 containers of cooking oil, 80 bottles of water, 80 tins of powder milk, 80 packets of sugar, and other non-food items.

17. Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA): 1,000 bags if assorted food and non-food items.

Note that donations made directly to victims are not included in our tracking. If you know of any cash and non-cash donations/pledges made to the government that is not included on the above list or question the accuracy of any item on the above list, please contact us via WhatsApp message to MambaTV at +301-222-3486. Information provided to us is subject to verification for authenticity.

How Much is the Government Expenditure?

1. Burial of Victims........$TBD
2. Land for relocation (200 acres at Mile 6)........$TBD
3. Temporary Shelter........$TBD
4. Search and rescue......$TBD

Courtesy: MambaTV, August 30, 2017


1958 -1980


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