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22nd July 2018

Run-Off: SLPP Presidential Candidate Bags First Thumps-Up from the Opposition!

By a press release (19/03/18)

A big boost for the SLPP presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio yesterday when the CDC opposition politician endorsed him for the run-off.


Reports have confirmed that the presidential candidate and leader of the Citizens Democratic Party Alhaji Musa Tarawally has endorsed Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio for President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in the forthcoming run-off election on March 27. (Photo: Musa, left, will drag many Muslims with him to the SLPP).

Musa Tarawally, a defeated presidential candidate of the Citizens Democratic Party in the March 7 elections, made the endorsement in a press statement dated 17th March 2018 and in it he stated:

”I am convinced that at this critical period of our development and social challenges, our country needs change and a new direction. Therefore, as leader and presidential candidate of the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP), I firmly endorse Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, the presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to be the next President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.”

The Coalition for Democratic Change is part of a coalition with other political parties including Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), Peace and Liberation Party (PLP) and People’s Democratic Party (CDP).

It can be recalled that Julius Maada Bio told the nation in an interview that he has made a personal outreach to presidential candidates of all opposition parties to unite the parties to remove the ruling APC.

This declaration by Alhaji Musa Tarawally, a former Minister in the APC government of President Ernest Koroma, will indicate how Maada Bio is determined to unite the country regardless of political differences. This is indeed a big blow to the ruling APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara.

"Translate Loss of Confidence in APC in to Agreement with SLPP," Bio Appeals

As the March 27 run-off elections draw nearer, the SLPP leader has urged his supporters to translate their confidence in voting out APC.

In a press statement after the March 7 elections when the results were announced in which the SLPP party came first, its leader Julius Maada Bio stated: "What remains to be done by the overwhelming majority of Sierra Leoneans in the next two weeks is to translate this loss of confidence in the APC into a symbol of agreement that indeed the time for the SLPP to resume governance of our country has arrived. Below is the full statement by the SLPP leader:

Brigadier (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio's Statement After NEC Announced the Presidential Results, Freetown, 14th March 2018

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, on Tuesday 13th March 2018, the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission announced the results of the Presidential Election conducted on Wednesday 7th March 2018. Nearly 58% of those who cast their votes, voted for change. I particularly feel deeply humbled by the huge confidence you have reposed in me and the Sierra Leone People’s Party. What is more, by this result you have signified a clear demonstration that the All People’s Congress has lost your confidence. What remains to be done by the overwhelming majority of Sierra Leoneans in the next two weeks is to translate this loss of confidence in the APC into a symbol of agreement that indeed the time for the SLPP to resume governance of our country has arrived.

We must do this in several ways. First, we should commend ourselves for the peaceful manner in which we have effected the change, Second, we should convey to the world our determination to sustain the change by demanding from all and sundry that the change we have inaugurated on the 7th March must continue in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity devoid of violence and intimidation. Third, we must bring about the change by finally booting the APC out of power and ushering in a new SLPP Government by an overwhelming majority on the 27th March 2018. This way we would have shown the world once again that Sierra Leone is now a shining beacon of democracy on the West African firmament.

The elections would be over on the 27th March. That day begins a new dawn of national unity and cohesion strengthening further the bonds that unite us all as one country, one people. To all my former contenders for the Presidency, I call on all of you to join me in this New Direction to address the critical development challenges we face as a country. Let us put our political differences aside and work for the common interest of our people and country. This should be our new mantra and our supreme guiding principle.

To all those who voted for me, I appeal to you all to embrace the supporters of the other political parties. This is not a victory for me alone and the SLPP but also a victory for all Sierra Leoneans. Therefore, I entreat everyone to desist from any act of political intimidation and violence. Political intimidation and violence will have no place in our democracy. It is most certainly not the SLPP way.

As we look forward to a peaceful transition, I want to assure all Sierra Leoneans and our development partners that national cohesion will be at the heart of my administration. The end.

Courtesy: Brigadier (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio Presidential Candidate, Sierra Leone People’s Party


1958 -1980


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