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14th December 2018

How Opposition SLPP, NGC, C4C & Others Punch the Ruling APC Nationwide! 

By a press release (13/03/18)

Updates in the elections results so far have revealed how the ruling and corrupt APC party lost vital seats to the SLPP, NGC and the C4C parties.


In 2012, with all the APC manipulations, they got only 58%. Kambia was completely under their control. That has now been taken away from them by the newly energetic NGC led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, a Kambia born and bred son and the SLPP also made significant progress in Kambia. (Photo: NGC leader Yumkella, front left, in post elections jugging in Freetown).

The APC won Kono handsdown in 2012. Today Kono is given to Alhaji Sam Sumana the leader of the C4C party and SLPP, led by Julius Maada Bio, again increased their votes in Kono in eastern Sierra Leone.

Falaba and Koinadugu in north was APC in 2012. In the just concluded elections, NGC has taken away the APC votes while SLPP has again made significant progress by winning seats in those provinces.

In Tonkolili, a stronghold of the ruling APC party, the NGC party has taken a chunk of APC votes while the SLPP traditional votes remain intact.

In the Western Rural District, reports say has gone to SLPP and the NGC has thus drastically reduced the APC votes.

Western Urban District has become a no man's land. SLPP has increased the votes in their favour while NGC has also taken a good share of the APC votes.

So in essence, the NGC has taken over at least 10% of the APC votes thereby reducing the chances of the APC of being first in this polls. The SLPP has increased its votes in the Western region by at least 10%, the reason why some parliamentary seats are won.

In the northern region, the performance of SLPP in Falaba, Kambia and Koinadugu are exceptional and will at least bring also another 5% or 6% (very conservative) inclusive of the other districts in the North.

The Southern Region, the stronghold of the SLPP party, is on the average over 85% in favour of SLPP. Kenema and Kailahun in the east, reports confirmed that over 85% votes cast went for the SLPP.

"So how can APC win the just concluded elections? Except through rigging and who told anyone that even in the face of guns SLPP will accept such rubbish? It is a joke," an ardent SLPP noted.

An SLPP statement reads: "The SLPP trained and deployed polling agents right across the country with logistical support and monitoring mechanism. All polling agents were at post and there is no way SLPP would score a zero vote in any polling station. To the worst SLPP can have a single vote and it can be at least one of the agents. So the manufactured results are going to be rejected and APC must know that there are limitations to every efforts. The people of Sierra Leone have rejected the APC and it is time for the APC to accept the people's decision.

"In possession of the SLPP, we now have fake RRF forms that are been used to change results from tally centres by the APC operatives. Anything order than what we have from the polling stations will be rejected in no uncertain terms.

"This victory is a victory for Sierra Leone and change is here. The SLPP victory in this election should also lend credence to the exceptional performance of NGC and the C4C. They played a great role in undoing the APC especially in the North-west.

"Sierra Leoneans are therefore once again admonished to remain calm as we all wait for NEC to perform their sacred responsibility. Thank you Sierra Leone," Turad Senesie, SLPP Regional Coordinator South, noted.


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