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18th March 2018

NEC Recounting Remaining 25% Over Voting Malpractices Nationwide!

By a press release (11/03/18)

The National Electoral Commission has started recounting the 25% fraud votes that opposition parties recently complained about.


Latest reports say ballot recounting is taking place in four polling stations in Kenema in the eastern province. Recounting is also going on in six polling stations in Tonkolili and thirty one stations in Kambia and one polling station in Karena and twenty three in Port Loko all in the north. (Photo: L-R: Karaimba, Samura, Sam Sumana, Tarawalie, Yumkella and Maada).

NEC also confirms that recounting in ten polling stations in Bonthe and eight in the Western Area are ongoing. This follows complaint of ballot stuffing and inconsistent Reconciliation and Result Forms (RRF).

These are all part of the remaining 25% of the result still to be announced. Under Sierra Leone’s electoral laws any polling station that records more than the number of registered voters all the votes shall be nullified. The commission has assured that action will be taken against staff who connive at such.

Meanwhile contrary to social media reports that some election officials have been dismissed or asked to step aside for investigations, Massaquoi says “every single official is busy doing their work and no one has been sacked or suspended.”

Courtesy: Umaru Fofana


1958 -1980


Peace at Risk as Politics Becomes Means of Amassing Unexplained Wealth!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (11/03/18)
It is always easier for our politicians to talk about virtues in the abstract or when it relates to others in distant climes.

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APC Does Not Want International Community to Determine its Democracy!

By Sheka Tarawalie (11/03/18)
The author, an official of the APC government, said they do not want the global community to be sole determiners of Sierra Leone democracy.

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