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18th March 2018

SLPP Bio Leads APC's Samura as NEC Announces 75% of Election Results!

By Abu Shaw in London (11/03/18)

With 75% of election results released few minutes ago by the National Electoral Commission, the ruling APC is lagging behind the SLPP.


The two oldest political parties in the country, the ruling All Peoples Congress government and the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP, the oldest in the country, are now most likely to contest a run-off. (Photo: NEC Chairman Mr. Nfa Mohamed Alie Conteh is under pressure at the moment).

Though neck and neck, the SLPP presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio is having a slim lead with 43.3% while APC's presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara has netted 42.57% after NEC announced 75% of the results. And third place is occupied by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella , the leader of the National Grand Coalition NGC with 6.7%, while the C4C party leader Sam Sumana in fourth place with 3.4%.

Reports say the APC and SLPP parties are separated by 14,919 votes so far with 75% of the results released. 100% per cent of the results will be released soon..

However, the NEC sources say they are also looking in to allegations of fraud in some parts of the country. Opposition parties have filed compliants of votes rigging by the ruling APC government and observers believe nullifications of some polling stations suspected of malpractices are likely, which would have adverse effects on the results.

The 75% of the elections results released so far by the National Electoral Commissioner Mr. Nfa Mohamed Alie Conteh. The result of the sixteen parties are as follows:

The First Set of 25% of Results:

APC-291,933, ADP-6887, CDP-2756, C4C-21713, NDA-1961, NGC-43,117, NPD-948, NURP-509, PLP-929, PMDC-2310, RENIP-597, RUFP-2890, SLPP-274,352, UDM-1513, UNPP-712, UP-854.

The Second Set of 50% of Results:

APC 566,113, ADP 13,507, CDP 5,682, C4C 44,685, NDA 4,144, NGC 87,722, NPD 2,063, NURP 1,132, PLP 2,100, PMDC 5,216, RENIP 1,252, RUFP 6,036, SLPP 564,687, UNDM 2,923, UNPP 1,468, UP 1,643.

The Third Set of 75% of Results:

APC 833,519; ADP 20,234; CDP 8,740; C4C 67,132; NDA 6,523; NGC 136,009; NPD 3,307; NURP 1,816; PLP 3,373; PMDC 7,521; RENIP 1,976; RUFP 9,866; SLPP 848,438; UDM 4,477; UNPP 2,369; UP 2,891.

As the magic number of 55% unlikely to be achieved by any political party that would see them win the presidential elections outright, there are indications that a run-off will likely take place. 100% of the presidential elections results will announced soon.


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