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25th June 2018

Ballots Counting Done in Black Out as APC Police Deny Party Observers Access!

By Abu Shaw in London (08/03/18)

Voting has come and gone and counting is going on in darkness as disturbing reports of intimidation by the APC helped by police, remains.


Eyewitnesses say there was also wide spread harassment around polling stations where voters could not cast their ballot papers just because APC impostors with the same names and addresses had voted earlier in the place of the real voters. (Photo: Artificial APC darkness where counting took place).

There are also reports of rigging by the ruling APC government in collision with the police who were seen blocking the Trinity Polling Stations in Freetown and other areas after the closure of voting stations yesterday.

Reports say police even asked official party observers to vacate the polling stations when polls closed thus preventing them from observeing the counting process which they are supposed to observe according to electoral rules.

Official party agents have made representations to their own political parties and even to the international election observers who were told about being blocked out, gates shut after them and thus refusing them to witness the counting of the ballot papers.

Most disturbing of all is the fact that the counting of ballot papers in most centres was done in complete darkness. Incredible why counting of ballot papers was done where electricity supply was non-existent. Many believe it was a deliberate act by the jittery APC government to rig the elections.

Also the Freetown based National Elections Watch (NEW) has received reports of intimidation and denial of accredited observers to observe the results collation by security agencies. NEW is further concerned with media reports alleging unprofessional conduct of the police against the SLPP party and other opposition parties like the NGC led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella.

A press release, signed by NEW spokesman Ngolo Kante has called on the relevant authorities to call the security agencies to order. NEW is worried that this development could lead to breach of peace and violence if unaddressed.

In related development, on elections day, police and armed soldiers also ambushed the Goderich Offices of the SLPP leader Julius Maada Bio in the West end of Freetown accusing him of hacking allegation.

Ridiculous how the ignorant police could even think that one can hack a manual system or process when everyone knows that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has conducted the elections manually and not via electronic means.


1958 -1980


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