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25th June 2018

APC Police Ambush on Maada's Goderich Office for Hacking Allegation Ridiculed!

By a press release (08/03/18)

Ridiculous that armed police officers and some in plain clothes could surround the Goderich office of SLPP presidential candidate for hacking.


On elections day, the SLPP leader Julius Maada Bio's office in Freetown was suddenly the scene of pandemonium when police officers beseiged his office in Freetown without a search warrant and purposefully looking for hacking election gadgets. (Photo: Election Observers with Maada during the police raid).

Reports say the SLPP presidential candidate and other party officials were at the Goderich office monitoring reports on the ongoing voting across the country, when security forces surprisingly alighted.

The police officers, in riot gears, forcefully entered the compound of the office and surrounded the building. Shocked party officials present were perfectly conceivable that the police officers were acting on others from above and it was politically motivated.

"The APC knows they are losing the elections and this latest attempt to intimidate Julius Maada Bio at his office is only to undermine the peace and security of the nation. We call on the attention of all international elections observers to this latest ugly development on polling day," the press release noted.

Despite this latest intimidation attempt on Maada Bio, the SLPP hierarchy has called on all SLPP members, supporters and party agents to stay focus and be very vigilant at polling stations across the country so that the voices of the people of Sierra Leone will be heard loudly through the ballot box.

As the commotion was unfolding, International Elections observers including the former Ghanaian President Mahama and the Deputy Inspector of Police entered the newly constructed residence of Maada Bio to investigate.

Reports say no suspicious hacking gadgets were found. It is ridiculous how the ignorant police could even think that one can hack a manual system that the National Electoral Commission has adopted. NEC has not conducted the March 7 elections electronically, so it is laughable for hacking to even take place.

Courtesy: Yusuf Keketoma Sandi, Personal Assistant to Julius Maada Bio


1958 -1980


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