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24th June 2018

"Sleep at Polling Stations, Vote Early to Disrupt APC's Cloned Ballots," NGC Urged!

By Abu Shaw in London (05/03/18)

Two days to elections day, eligible NGC voters have been urged to do everything they possibly can to frustrate the APC ballot impostors.


Electoral fraud by the ruling APC government to win the March 7 elections at all cost is crystal as daylight. The cloning or duplication of ballot papers by con men and women in the APC government is at the top of the fraudulent list, according to investigations. (Photo: NGC supporters escort leader Dr. Kandeh Yumkella).

Many APC ministers, led by the Lands and Housing Minister Diana Konomanyi, have been clandestinely collecting details of unsuspecting opposition party supporters in Sierra Leone, especially in Kono and the Peninsula enclave, in furtherance of the ballot papers' duplication scam.

APC fraudsters often used the magnetic micro credit business trap to con unsuspecting and business oriented opposition party voters to voluntarily handover their personal details. The fraudsters will only ask those targeted for their voter ID cards as identification to get micro credits. In the process, they photocopy or clone the voter ID cards of innocent electorates.

The clone scheme then goes to the next stage, the printing house. Investigations have revealed that the APC party has allegedly been doing the printing at the RO-MANROG Andel Street, just opposite Seven-Up Factory in Kingtom, where illegal ballot papers have been produced and duplicated in large numbers.

Ever vigilant National Grand Coalition NGC hierarchy are now warning all NGC eligible voters to cast their votes as early as possible so as to prevent the APC impostors from voting earlier than the real ballot paper owners.

Electorate who happens to be in situations where he/she is refused to cast his/her votes because someone else with the same name and address has voted earlier, should report the matter straight away to their polling agents and to the EU observers present or any other official of the National Electoral Commission.

It is a criminal offence for someone to fraudulently impersonate another person. Such fraudsters and their accomplices must be reported to the police for further investigations. And if found guilty they must face the music.

Chaos and confusion are almost always prevalent at polling stations during elections day especially in situations where impostors have cast their votes first ahead of the real owners of the ballot papers.

Moreover, the recent police restrictions on vehicular use on elections day has unfortunately only aided and abetted the fraudulent ballot paper duplicators to achieve their evil ambition. Voters who reside far away from addresses where they had earlier registered to vote will find it intricately impossible to vote on elections day if they could not find vehicles on time to take them to their polling stations.

APC ballot paper impostors are hopeful of having a field day on elections day because the APC government has many vechicles at their disposal to transport the fake ballot paper holders from one polling station to another to vote very early in order to disenfranchise the authentic ballot paper owners. This is criminal and must not be allowed to go unpunished when caught.

To prevent this electoral criminality by the cocky but jittery APC party, opposition NGC party supporters must do everything possible to be at their polling stations very very early to make sure they exercise their inalienable rights to vote as citizens of Sierra Leone.

They should not allow APC fraudsters to vote in their names! Sleeping at the polling stations the night before is the best option to have a free and fair elections and to usher NGC victory.


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