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24th June 2018

APC Minister Orders Arrest of the SLPP District Chairman after Kenema Chaos!

By Philip Koroma (05/03/18)

The APC Internal Affairs Minister has ordered the arrest of the SLPP Kenema District Chairman following the recent APC and SLPP fracas.


Reports say the impasse that ensued on February 26 between supporters of the ruling All People's Congress (APC) and the main opposition Sierra Leone People's (SLPP) has forced the Internal Affairs Minister Rtd. Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma to order the arrest of the SLPP Kenema District Chairman Moriba Koroma. (Photo: APC members well armed in election campaigns).

According to Minister Sengu, the order for the arrest of the District Chairman is connected to his alleged incitement of youths to disrupt the peaceful APC rally and the attacks on supporters.

He said Chairman Moriba Koroma and his supporters assembled at their SLPP party office along Hanga Road in the guise of protecting their party office when they allegedly attacked APC party supporters passing in front of their office.

He confirmed the attack on few residences of APC supporters within the township and was quick to state that calm has been restored in Kenema with police personnel deployed in strategic areas.

However, the SLPP Kenema District Chairman Moriba Koroma has also accused the Internal Affairs Minister Rtd Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma of ordering his securiy guards to fire canisters and arms at his supporters within the party premise. Few arrests have been made as investigations continue.

APC Bandits on the Rampage in Kenema. Another Version of the Fracas!

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay

Highly intoxicated by bamboo wine which was the main service at the APC Kenema party office since Sunday, supporters of the All Peoples Congress party, went on the rampage at Kenema Monday February 26, mugging innocent people of their belongings.

The rally of the APC went quiet during the day but around evening, Kenema residents heard a crowd of APC bandits singing war songs and marching aggressively towards the market area at Hanga Road where they stole anything they could lay hands on.

Passers by who saw the muggers, chased them and captured a few whom they handed to the police. Some of the bandits are currently helping the Kenema police with their investigations.

Meanwhile the APC presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara who was said to have kept quiet during the banditry, is said to have gone to the Kenema Police Station to bail some of the bandits who formed part of his convoy from Freetown.

Some of the bandits are said to have escaped and are hiding in the forests around Kenema.


1958 -1980


Elitism and the Growing Protests Spoiling the SLPP Party: Six Good Reasons Why!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/06/18)

While I remain very optimistic that the New Direction agenda has a great potential to transform this country, I must express my dissatisfaction NOW.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Vital Lesson! How Many Will Appreciate a Friend's Help?

By Special Commentary (21/06/18)

This piece is worth reading by everyone whether you are sportive or not. It is about football star Cristiano Ronaldo's vital lesson.

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