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22nd July 2018

"Rainbow Means the End of Suffering and a New Beginning for Mankind," God Says

By Lux Lavish (05/03/18)

The recent rainbow that appeared in the skies of Freetown clearly circling the APC sun has proved that divine intervention has finally come. 


As a Christian I have read the Bible quite extensively. In Genesis chapter 5 up to chapter 9 in the Holy scriptures we were told about the great flood which destroyed mankind. Noah and his family, excluding his stubborn wife, were saved and along with all what was with them in the Ark. (Photo: Rainbow surrounding the sun in Sierra Leone).

After the heavy rains and flood, God promised Noah that he will never again bring such suffering and disaster upon mankind. Genesis 9v13 says: "I do set my bow in the cloud and it shall be a token of a covenant between me and the earth."

If you read up in chapter 9 you will understand that God was not happy about the suffering destruction of the earth. Hence he sent a rainbow to show that when we see it, it means that it is the end of suffering and a new beginning for mankind.

The elaboration above is to educate some of us who are not scripturally inclined to know that the rainbow according to the Bible signifies an end to suffering. We have suffered under this present administration of the APC party and as such God is saying this will definitely be the end of APC and it's ten years of misrule and bad governance.

So for some Tolongbos who are ignorantly rejoicing about the appearance of the rainbow kindly read your Bible and be abreast about its meaning. It does not in anyway bode well for you people.

The rainbow, symbolising the NGC party, appearing in the shies of Sierra Leone a week before general elections, is surely a bad omen for the APC party, whose symbol is the sun. And good luck for the new and hopeful NGC party led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella.

For Sierra Leoneans to witness the rainbow swallowing the sun the very day the APC party did their last rally in Freetown, crowns the end of the corrupt APC government of President Ernest Koroma. God is the Greatest. I pause....


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