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22nd July 2018

APC Printing Fake Election Ballot Papers in Freetown Alerts Opposition Parties!!

By Special Correspondent (03/03/18)

Four vital days to unpredictable elections in Sierra Leone, reliable sources have exposed the APC party's secret printing of ballot papers.


Inside sources of the All Peoples Congress APC party have reiterated that their cocky but jittery party's confidence to win the March 7, 2018 presidential elections freely and fairly has gradually dissipated. (Photo: When the real ballot papers arrived in Freetown).

The evaporated optimism in the ruling government in recent times has reportedly left them with only one option to win the elections. Rigging! That is why they continue to apply every trick under the APC sun, thus violating the electoral rules and regulations in Sierra Leone.

Many electoral rigging incidents by the jittery APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma have been unearthed recently. And this latest con move centering on the printing of fake ballot papers in Freetown has crowned it all.

The eagle-eyed observation of supporters of various opposition parties, especially the NGC party, has thankfully revealed a massive clandestine printing of fake ballot papers in Kingtom in central Freetown.

Investigations have disclosed and named the RO-MANROG at Andel Street, opposite Seven-Up Factory in Kingtom, as the venue where the illegal printing of ballot papers has been taking place.

This latest criminal activity propped up by the jittery APC government has confirmed fears that the March 7 presidential elections will be far from free and fair. Reports say the rigging intelligence has been forwarded to the opposition parties who in turn are expected to inform the National Electoral Commission NEC.

The real ballot papers arrived at 1pm on Sunday February 25. NGC Andrew Jaiah Kaikai was the party agent at the Lungi International Airport where the ballot papers were formally handed over to NEC by UNDP. Thereafter, the pre-packed ballot papers were transported to the 12 districts. 

As we go to press, it remains to be seen if the police and NEC will intervene to investigate this serious allegation of printing of fake ballot papers by the APC party.


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