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25th April 2018

APC Minister Diana Leads Voter ID Cards Theft by Micro Credit Scam in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (01/03/18)

Many crook APC ministers are playing many tricks under the sun to protect their ill-gotten jobs to rig the March 7, 2018 general elections.


The star lead in this rigging game is the Minister of Lands and Country Planning Diana Konomanyi who is chairing a massive micro credit scam to steal voter ID card details from unsuspecting supporters of opposition parties. (Photo: Diana Konomanyi, the so-called APC Iron Lady).

Minister Diana is also reportedly offering a meagre sum of Le 250,000 to supporters of the opposition parties to have their voter ID cards photocopied, a clear violation of the electoral process in Sierra Leone.

Confirmed news say this rigging game happened in Kono district and in the Peninsula enclave where APC stalwarts faked business oriented people to register for micro credit by using their voter ID card details. The micro credit scam was meant to duplicate voter ID card details of other party supporters to be used by the APC party during the elections.

Reports say Minister Diana Konomanyi and her con team usually take the voter ID cards of opposition supporters for about two days and will later return it to them after a thorough duplication of their ID cards had been done.

Inside APC party sources confirmed that they will use the duplicated fake cards to vote as early as possible. So it becomes virtually impossible for the real owner of the voter ID card to cast his/her votes later at the polling stations. This APC scam is not only a calculated scheme to bring chaos and confusion at polling stations, it is designed to primarily rig the elections at all cost.

That is why leading opposition parties i.e. the SLPP, the NGC are intensifying their awareness campaigns to educate their unsuspecting supporters to be very vigilant in stopping APC's diabolical plans.


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