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22nd July 2018

Ebola Kills 63,000 People thus Unveiling APC's Deceptive 4,000 Deaths Figure!!  

By Pastor M. Sesay (11/02/18)

Strange revelations have noted that Ebola killed more Sierra Leoneans than earlier suggested by the APC government of Ernest Koroma.


Ebola came and went without citizens getting answers to many things concerning the disease itself especially about knowing exactly the numbers of their compatriots that were actually wiped out by the plague within a very short period. (Photo: Ebola billboard in Sierra Leone).

Reason is because the very APC party that was in governance then that was to inform the people, chose instead to speak from the two sides of its lips about figures.

The party said close to 4000 people perished due directly to the Ebola plague. But figures released by the very APC party painted a different and grimmer picture.

While the people were led to believe that Ebola took its deadly toll on just 4000 innocent lives, the very APC party was at the same time inadvertently releasing figures which never matched the figures of the actual numbers of annihilation that might have taken place.

Ebola was said to have struck in May 2014. From May of that year to July of the same year, the numbers of body bags for Ebola burials supplied by Central Medical Stores in Freetown, was small but in August and September the figures rose from a low of a thousand body bags a week to five hundred body bags a day for burials all over the country.

By the way, figures of body bags supplied and utilized, were released during weekly press briefings which were later held at Cockerill military barracks.

Pressmen were to be later informed that the number of body bags supplied and utilized from May when Ebola came to November of that year had suddenly reached a total high of 83,000.

Nobody forced the APC party to release those figures but it did so on its own accord not realizing that citizens were taking notice.

In 2014, the government released a figure of 19,000 of non Ebola deaths. Now it is pretty clear that body bags have no other use but for burying dead bodies. Again it was pretty clear that during the Ebola period all dead bodies were put inside body bags before burials.

Now subtracting the number of body bags used for non Ebola deaths from the total number of body bags supplied and utilized nationwide, then a figure of 63,000 is arrived at.

It was pretty clear then that though there were allegations of thefts of Ebola funds, there never was any allegation of thefts of body bags which may then mean that indeed 83,000 body bags were supplied by Central Medical Stores and utilized for burials of dead Sierra Leoneans.

At Taneneh in Port Loko which had a population of over 700 men, women and children, many souls were wiped out by Ebola. At Buya village in Port Loko District only a few people survived Ebola out of a population of over 500.

Ebola for the inhabitants of Pate Bana in Makeni, was like a rebel war. During Ebola when they heard the sound of a vehicle, they all fled to the nearby forests to hide but there was never any hiding place for them when an Ebola team from Makeni found many dead bodies wrapped in shrouds and ready for burials.

Many of those who were still alive were "captured" and taken away. New London in Makeni wept bitter tears for their loved ones who perished. As people go to the polls in March 7, please remember the Ebola dead.

Before casting your votes, say a prayer for the Ebola victims and avenge their deaths through your vote.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


1958 -1980


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