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26th April 2018

Brief Autobiography of the SLPP National Women's Leader, Fatmata Sawaneh

By a press release (11/02/18)

The SLPPNA Women's Wing in the US has recently invited the SLPP National Women's leader as guest speaker for their fundraising drive.


Guest speaker Mrs Fatmata Sawaneh has travelled from Sierra Leone for the Saturday February 3rd Fund Raising in America in continuation of the campaign for the March 7, 2018 general elections. (Photo: Sawaneh with Mohamed Kallon, during President George Weah's inauguration in Monrovia). Below is an autobiography of Fatmata Sawaneh, a business woman turned politician:

Fatmata Sawaneh was born in Nimikoro, Kono and attended RC girls primary school, followed by Yengema Secondary School (YSS), until the bloody civil war broke out in Sierra Leone in 1991.

She was forced to flee to Freetown where she attended Ahmadiyya Secondary School from where she decided to go into business by opening boutiques with attached entertainment centers nationwide. She currently owns 25 of such establishments that are successfully operating.

She was invited to frontline politics by JJ Saffa who saw her potential and dedication to the SLPP party as she spent hours at the party office working for the SLPP. She vied for Zonal Women's Leader at Hill Station in 1995 and won serving for 2 years and then proceeded to win Young Generation Leader and served for another 2 years in that capacity.

She won the Deputy National Women's Leader in 2013, serving 4 years until her recent victory as the current National Women's Leader in 2017.

As National Women's Leader, Mrs Sawaneh has represented the SLPP at ECOWAS, travelled to Liberia as an elections observer, and has won 4 awards in her short time as National Women's Leader of the SLPP from the Media and other organizations for her hard work and dedication to the SLPP and Sierra Leone.

She has contributed financially to the SLPP and toured Sierra Leone nationwide twice already since her election visiting the people in villages and other areas where previous Women's Leaders have not been able to go promoting the SLPP. She is married with two kids and a devoted wife and mother.


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