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26th April 2018

Oil and Gas Activities Progressing in Sierra Leone - Petroleum Boss Reveals

By N'Bompa Turay (09/02/18)

The Director General of the Petroleum Regulatory Directorate has delightedly noted the progress in oil and gas exploration in Sierra Leone.


The oil and gas activities in Sierra Leone have rapidly progressed according to the Petroluem Director Raymond Saidu Kargbo and added that mining is a major source for the increase of the country's Gross Domestic Product. (Photo: Oil exploration map in Sierra Leone).

Mr. Raymond Saidu Kargbo revealed to the press at the Information Ministry on Thursday 18th January, 2018, that the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources through the creation of a National Mineral Agency (NMA), has created the enabling environment to rebrand the sector and noted: “The Petroleum Directorate under my leadership has created the avenue to make Sierra Leone see the end of the tunnel.”

According to his presentation, Mr. Kargbo highlighted the Directorate's operations that covered the mandate of the petroleum directorate, the legal frame work and legislation update, the regional geology, strategy system and the technical database.

He explained about the exploration history, prospectively overview and the undeveloped discoveries and also elucidated the advances made during 2017 including recent infrastructure advancements with a national data archive and drives to increase the GIS capacity building.

Mr. Raymond Saidu Kargbo said that they are working as a team and assured Sierra Leoneans that they will try to regulate and promote petroleum mining expectations and stressed on the accountability and credibility in their operations and added: “As an expatriate in the field, I will not circumvent the will and dreams of the country. Sierra Leoneans must exercise patience as oil and gas activities involve huge funds expenditure and the drilling is to be done by scientists.”

He said that although there are several challenges but they have now a national database and the Sierra Leone petroleum directorate operates with peer review and harmonization cross checks.

“Considering the advances made and the recent infrastructural advancements, one can confidently conclude that the petroleum directorate under the noble son of this soil is pressing to new records," he said. He promised that Sierra Leoneans will soon realise the agenda for prosperity in this regard.


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