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25th May 2018

SLPP Leader Wants Clarity on Ballot Paper Statistics from the Elections Boss!

By a press release (07/02/18)

A letter from the SLPP demanding a statistical data of the ballot papers has been forwarded to the electoral chairman for clarification.


Reports say the SLPP presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio recently wrote the National Elections Commission NEC chairman Mr. Mohamed Nfa Alie Conteh to throw more light on the printing of the ballot papers for the March 7, 2018 general elections. (Photo: Maada and running mate Juldeh Jalloh, right).

The letter dated January 30, 2018, emphasised the need for NEC to clarify the ballot papers data as the opposition SLPP party fears the process of managing the printing of ballot papers has not been transparent or at least known by the SLPP. Below is the letter:


Mr. Mohamed N’fa-Ali Conteh
Chairman, National Electoral Commission,
Tower Hill, Freetown

Dear Mr. Conteh,
Printing of Ballot Papers
In the past, there have been several unconfirmed reports about ballot papers. The main reason is that the process of managing the printing of ballot papers has not been transparent or at least known by the SLPP.

Therefore, in order to improve on the transparency of the electoral process, SLPP demands answers to the following questions:
How many ballot papers will be printed for the elections?
How many ballot papers will be distributed to each station?
Who prints the ballot papers?
How securitized are the ballot papers?
How can political parties monitor the distribution and dispatch of ballot papers from the warehouse to the districts?

The party is prepared to discuss this very important issue with the Commission as soon as possible to enable it incorporate the final decision in its training manual for its agents.

Best Regards,

Julius Maada Bio, SLPP Presidential Candidate 2018

Copy: SLPP National Chairman & Leader
SLPP National Secretary-General
Chief, Elections Management Committee, SLPP
Chairmen of all Political Parties
Chairman, PPRC
Coordinator, National Elections Watch
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