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25th May 2018

APC Enraged as NEC Names KKY on the List of 16 Presidential Candidates!

By Abu Shaw in London (05/02/18)

Love lost, it seems, between the APC party and the National Electoral Commission for listing the NGC leader for the March elections!


Reliable sources within the ruling APC government have confirmed to this newspaper the rage and disgust that swept across the corridors of power following the recent disclosure of the 16 presidential candidates by the National Electoral Commission (NEC). Reports say the APC party was hoping the NEC will delay in announcing the list until the outcome of the 'dual citizenship' petition in court. "It was shocking for us. It looks like a battle lost," one of the APC insiders threw the towel.

Naming Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella among the 16 candidates vying for the March 7, 2018 presidential elections is a clear manifestation that the NEC, led by Chairman Nfa Alie Conteh, does consider the APC petition legally implausible. (Photo: NGC Chairman Dr. Dennis Bright speaking with leader Dr. Yumkella seated,  left).

This is the second time in recent times that the Sierra Leone Electoral Commission has snubbed the APC government's devious plans to disenfranchise Dr. Yumkella. The NEC, few weeks ago, overturned the petition filed against KKY by a defeated APC parliamentary candidate called Mr. Abu Bakarr Sankoh.

With the backing of the cocky but jittery APC government, Mr. Sankoh, who had already lost the Kambia parliamentary nomination to Dr. Yumkella, ridiculously filed a dual citizenship petition against his parliamentary challenger. And hoping that the NEC will ban KKY from standing for both parliament and president, the APC manipulators were left fuming after the no-nonsense electoral commission ruled in favour of the NGC leader.

NEC's latest confirmation of the 16 presidential candidates, involving the indefatigable Yumkella, ushered a huge sigh of relief for the NGC party. Thus landing the devastating blow on the jittery APC party they did not see coming.

The sixteen candidates disclosed on the NEC list is a male dominated one with only two female politicians vying for the highest office. They include Dr. Samura Kamara of the APC; Mr. Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray of the ADP; Mr. Samuel Sam-Sumana of the C4C; Mr Musa Tarawally of the CDP; Mr. Mohamed C. Bah of the NDA; Dr Kandeh K. Yumkella of the NGC; Mr. Patrick John O’Dwyer of the NPD; Jonathan Patrick Sandy of the NURP and Kandeh Baba Conteh of the PLP).

Others include Mr. Charles Francis Margai of the PMDC; Beresford Victor Williams of the RNIP; Gbandi Jemba Ngobeh of the RUFP; Julius Maada Bio of the SLPP; Mohamed Turay Sowa of the UDM; Dr. Henry Saa Kabuta of the UNPP and Josephine O. Claudius-Cole of the UP.

In a related development, the NEC has also disclosed that there are 132 parliamentary seats to contest for nationwide. The data below tabulates the NEC list showing how many seats each party has put forward for candidates to vie for local councils and parliament:

APC 132 seats for Members of Parliament;
SLPP 132 seats for Member of Parliament;
C4C 129 seats for Member of Parliament;
NGC 127 seats for Member of Parliament;
CDP 109 seats for Member of Parliament;
ADP 35 seats for Member of Parliament.

Nevertherless, the APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma is determined to stop the NGC leader from exercising his inalienable rights as a Sierra Leonean to contest the March Elections.

Reports say the ruling party is taking the 'dual citizenship' crap against KKY to the courts for redress that they expect will be favourable to them. But this strange politics in being watched by the international community for fear of breeding unnecessary violence.


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