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25th May 2018

Sea Bird Express Boat Service, a Blessing to Sierra Leone's Tourism Industry

By a press release (05/02/18)

In terms of  reliability, affordability, efficiency, the Sea Bird Express firm at 36 High Broad Street in Murray Town is a proud chart topper.

Sea Bird Express is delivering quality boat service to its numerous customers from Freetown to Lungi and for excursions to various Islands and other fascinating tourist sites along our Coastlines or Estuaries. Sea Bird Express also offers their customers a state-of-the-art hospitality and customer care service with utmost professionalism and international best practice. (Photo: Seabird operating in Freetown).

Since it inception on the 12th of May 2015, the Sea Bird Express has lured plethora of customers to their sophisticated, modern and scientific facilities available coupled with the hospitality and professionalism of staff. Tourists visiting Sierra Leone prefer Sea Bird Express to cross from Lungi to Freetown and from Freetown to Lungi because of the outstanding performance of staff and efficiency of the boats which comprise of nine boats with twenty five seaters each and two boats with sixteen seaters and two other VIP boats with thirty seaters with enormous facilities such as refreshment, air condition, free Wifi, television and more.

Regularly, Sea Bird Express runs for all flights schedules. The road from the Sea Bird Express Terminal in Lungi to the Freetown International Airport in just five minutes smooth drive on the tarmac road. Sea Bird Express also has its own buses to transport passengers with spacious seats and professional drivers.

Meanwhile, for $40 dollars (Le300,000) you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the aforementioned facilities of Sea Bird Express to the fullest!!. Sea Bird Express is indeed an added blessing to the Tourism Industry

It's tremendous up trajectory continues to be the leading boat service provider in Sierra Leone, Sea Bird Express in it quests to maintain standards and live up to the expectations of the wider public in terms of quality service with utmost professionalism, has purchased an ultra-modern double decker boat.

This double decker, is a 95 seaters boat with 15 VVIP seats and 80 VIP seats. This boat takes only 25 minutes to cross Lungi to the Sea Bird Terminal at Murray Town and also uses the same time from Murray town to Lungi.

The Boat is entrenched with enormous extraordinary facilities such as a luxurious bar and restaurant, modern restrooms and luggage section. This sophisticated boat with solid sound system is also well stuffed with countless life jackets to guarantee the safety of passengers because at Sea Bird Express, the safety and security of the customers are key priorities.

Courtesy: Mohamed Alieu Bah, Communications Assistant Officer, National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone, +23279367667/+23230073617, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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