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25th May 2018

"APC Going After NGC Leader is Electoral Criminality," Njala Professor Cautions! 

By a press release (03/02/18)

A senior lecturer at Njala University has labelled the APC party's dubious agenda against the NGC leader as an act of electoral criminality.


"I remain very constant in my opposition to their frivolous and crude act against the NGC presidential candidate Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella," Professor Turad Senesie of Njala University reminded all peace loving Sierra Loneans. (Photo: NGC leader Dr. Yumkella, left, with running mate Mr. Andrew Keili).

Lecturer Senesie writes: "While they are after Dr. Kandeh, the APC police recently went to the SLPP headquarters with a MOU document for the SLPP party officials to sign.

"A close look at the document, we found out that the crooked APC government wanted us to agree that everybody must go home after casting their votes on March 7, elections as was done in 2012. Unfortunately for them, all of us were there and we vehemently refused to sign and sent back the said MOU to their bosses at State House.

"The APC believes they can use state institutions to play their nasty politics again. Unfortunately, they are miscalculating. We will never sign such any MOU and nobody has the right to seize people's freedom of movement on elections day.

"All Sierra Leoneans have the rights to their freedom of movement and no one has the right to detain people in their homes. We must be resolute to put a stop to the APC Electoral Criminality.

"While we were at home after voting in 2012, the APC were out in uniforms with the police transporting ballot boxes and papers to undisclosed locations where ballot stuffing was done. This time around, the Sierra Leonean populace are resolute and we will not accept any unusual criminal behaviour of the APC.

"Fellow Sierra Leoneans no matter our belongings, an attack on any political party in this race is an attack on all other political parties.

"The current situation facing Dr. Kandeh should not be celebrated by any sensible political party or supporter. It is an attack on our civilisation and we must condemn it in its entirety.

"We must come together now an ask APC out. If we fail to do that, the future of Sierra Leone is lost and our children and grand children will certainly blame us.

Courtesy: Turad Senesie, Senior Lecturer, Njala University


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