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25th May 2018

APC Party Plans to Legalise Same Sex Marriage in Sierra Leone when Elected!

By Pastor M. Sesay (30/01/18)

Competent sources say the APC government of Ernest Koroma has drafted plans to introduce same sex marriage if elected come March 7.


Though Sierra Leone is a secular country, most of her citizens are members of either the Muslim or Christian faith. But the APC government has other unGodly motives! (Photo: APC candidate Dr. Samura Kamara will do everything under the sun to get his 10%).

The two faiths use the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible respectively, as their bases of belief in One God Almighty and His precepts. Both books condemn outrightly homosexual and lesbian living where people of the same sex use each other as sexual partners.

In fact to both faiths it is an abomination for that to happen and according to the two books, those who engage in such are doomed for hell fire. Yes people indeed have their rights to do whatever they like with their bodies but what is abominable is abominable and that kind of life is abominable.

It is doubly abominable for this particular evil to be translated into marriage as has been happening openly in other parts of the world and secretly here. It is then triply abominable for a government to legalize what is definitely abominable by legalizing what brings an almighty curse upon a nation. But there is something about the outgoing All Peoples Congress party which is an abomination in itself and that is the party's insatiable appetite for the love of money.

In fact APC is abomination in itself as it is ever ready and ever prepared to sell its soul to the devil for money no matter who may get hurt along the way. It is a record it has and it this record that has spelt its doom.

APC is the party which, if all the money in the world is given to it, it will still crave for more and more money and even more money. It is a mania that couldn't be satisfied. And it is clear that for the sake of money APC is ready and willing to legalize same sex marriages ignoring the warning the story of Sodom and Gomorrah sounded for lesbian and homosexual practices.

Among the evils that APC plans for this country if the people mistakenly give it a chance in governance again, is to legalize same sex marriages. The plan is there and the APC party is just waiting to collect money for that purpose as it has already collected money to introduce highly abominable things in this country.

If same sex marriages are legalized here, we cannot expect the fire and brimstone that engulfed Sodom and Gomorrah in Bible times, but calamities untold will befall this land which will be worse that those of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


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