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25th May 2018

APC Violence as 1 Dead, 25 Stabbed in Freetown! Fears Grow for Chaotic Elections!! 

By Abu Shaw in London (28/01/18)

As clearly shown in the violent APC rally last week, there are fears that the March 7, general elections will be marred with violence and chaos!


Sources from Connaught Hospital in Freetown have confirmed that the APC rally in the capital city had left a trail of bloody violence with one person reported dead and twenty five others stabbed. (Photo: A victim of the APC senseless violence during the rally).

What is worryingly intriguing is the fact that this chaotic rally conducted for and by the ruling APC government of President Ernest Koroma could end up being so violent very close to the much anticipated March 7 general elections in the country. Observers fear if violence of this magnitude could happen amongst APC supporters, there is every possibility that the March 7, 2018 elections would be far from free and fair and peaceful.

Rallies by other political parties in recent days were conducted peacefully in Freetown and around the country. The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), the National Grand Coalition party NGC etc. had their rallies free from violence unlike the APC rally. The bloody APC rally has not gone down well in many quarters in and outside Sierra Leone.

However, blame for the bloody rally, according to the APC, has been laid squarely on the door steps of the main opposition SLPP party as reports say some SLPP thugs had infiltrated the APC gatherings to cause havoc and mayhem. But SLPP has flatly denied this report and added that the ruling APC government is noted for political violence especially before, during and after elections in Sierra Leone.

Surprising reports say the APC violent rally was carried out by angry supporters of the APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara and the defeated APC flag bearer Dr. Marrah for internal political party reasons. Dr. Marrah is the current Foreign Minister whom President Ernest Koroma appointed to head the Ministry as consolation for losing the APC flag bearer slot.

But the APC party has vehemently refused to accept this infighting version and noted that the violence was never perpetrated by APC supporters against one and other. However, the silent population was appalled when they saw APC supporters dishing out APC T-shirts and ten thousand Leones to bystanders in Freetown in order to swell up their crowds during the APC nomination party.

Understandably, the APC party nomination day on Friday January 26, 2018 in Sierra Leone, that metamorphosed in to bloody violence and death, will continue to be a sad chapter in the early years of the Samura/Chernor ticket for State House. 

As we go to press, the Sierra Leone police are investigating the matter say two police officers were hospitalised and some arrests have been made. 


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