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19th February 2018

Cannibals Butcher 2 Children in Freetown as Residents Blame APC & SLPP Parties!

Special Correspondent (26/01/18)

Disturbing and horrible reports say cannibals have struck devilishly in Calaba Town near Freetown where two children have lost their lives. 


Cannibalistic rituals have always been prevalent in Sierra Leone during electioneering times as devilish politicians from the two oldest political parties - the ruling APC government and the main opposition SLPP - continued to turn blind eyes on this evil practice for many decades now. (Photo: One of the two children found dead in Calaba Town. Rest in Peace).

Reports say there was heavy riot yesterday at 14 Koroma Street in Calaba Town near Freetown where residents were confronted with a gruesome murder scene involving the butchering of two little children for ritual purposes.

Eyewitness accounts confirmed that neighbours, who were searching for five missing children, accidentally found a fenced compound where the ritual murder took place. This horrible discovery happened few hours after family members reported that their five little children had gone missing in the area.

It was during the search that angry residents discovered the ritual house and to their astonishment, found two of the missing children already dead. One of the dead children, fully clothed, was found tucked behind the driver's seat of an old Mercedes Benz car.

The three other missing children were luckily found alive in the slaughter house. The surviving children were found naked and seen wailing and crying not knowing what has gone wrong with them as police took them away. Eyewitnesses say there were twins among the missing children. It is not clear as we go to press whether the two children found butchered for human sacrifice were the twins.

Amidst the pandemonium, police were called in to calm the chaotic situation as angry residents vandalised vehicles in the compound. The gruesome scenes also raised more questions as to why such terrible things could take place in a quiet and peaceful suburb like Calaba Town.

Cannibalism was recently reported in the Moyamba district in southern Sierra Leone where a family member was arrested for his involvement in the kidnapping of his own nephew for ritual sacrifice.

It is going to get worse especially now that the March 7, 2018 general elections in Sierra Leone is reaching its crescendo. "Everyone APC and SLPP politician wants to be president at all cost. Sacrificing innocent people in rituals like this for lucky charms continue to be the norm since independence in 1961. But God will punish them," angry Calaba Town residents swore the APC and SLPP parties.

As investigations continue, police sources have confirmed that arrests have been made yesterday in Calaba Town, where all the witnesses who saw the horror were visibly shocked and traumatised.  


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