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25th May 2018

APC Moves to Plan-B as NEC Rejects APC's Petition Against the NGC Leader!

By Abu Shaw in London (26/01/18)

The cocky ruling APC government has moved to Plan-B as the National Electoral Commission rejected its petition against the NGC leader.


The jittery APC government of President Ernest Koroma was overconfident of winning the petition filed by one of its APC losers in the person of Mr. Abu Bakarr Sankoh (photo) who contested against the National Grand Coalition NGC party presidential candidate Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella for constituency 62 parliamentary seat in Kambia District.

The poor APC candidate Abu Sankoh lost as the NGC leader Dr. Yumkella was nominated to represent constituency 62 but the panicky ruling APC party immediately petitioned the results on the flimsy excuse that Dr. Yumkella is a dual citizenship holder. APC's main intention for the petition was for NEC to automatically disqualify Dr. Yumkella which would also render him unlawful to run for president, thus eliminating the threat the NGC leader is already posing on the government.

However, after a thorough deliberation by the NEC on Wednesday January 24, 2018, the petition was thrown out on the grounds of insufficient evidence against the NGC leader's dual citizenship status. When NEC's final petition decision result was announced, there was wild jubilation on the streets in Kambia as hundreds of NGC supporters took to the streets to celebrate the positive outcome. NGC supporters around the world also surfed the social media to express their delight and relief.

However, inside APC sources say, the disgruntled APC government is now changing gear to unwrap its Plan-B to thwart the NGC leader's ambition to contest the March 7, presidency, as the APC party sees him as the greatest threat to dislodge them from State House.

Reports say the government will escalate the petition matter to the high court . The APC sources also say the government has already put plans in place to go to the supreme court if the required jurisdiction is not achieved at the lower courts.

As a last resort, the jittery APC government is even hopeful that the Sierra Leone Constitution of 1991 will eventually give them the result they crave for i.e. the total disqualification of the NGC leader Dr. Yumkella from contesting for any political office in the country based on his dual citizenship status.

Despite the confirmation that Dr. Yumkella has already relinquished his American citizenship since November last year, the APC government is determined to do implement every trick under the hot burning sun to frustrate the NGC leader.

From the APC Headquarters in Freetown, the APC Secretary General Mr. Osman Yansaneh has confirmed yesterday that his party is determined to go ahead with Plan-B in order to prevent the NGC leader Dr. Yumkella from enjoying the positive outcome of the NEC jurisdiction.

Reports say the APC government is very unhappy that the NEC Kambia District Returning Officer's final decision in favour of Dr. Yumkella was unfair because the NEC officer did not allow APC lawyers to present any defence for the APC complainant Abu Sankoh during the proceedings.

Nevetheless, the NGC party has confirmed its battle-readiness for any devious APC plans in the future. Below is the press release from the NGC to announce the NEC result:


The National Grand Coalition (NGC) wishes to inform its members and supporters that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) office in Kambia District, has rejected the objection filed against Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella by Mr. Abu Bakarr Sankoh and upheld the provisional nomination of Dr Yumkella as a candidate for constituency 062 parliamentary elections.

In his decision, District Returning Officer Umaru Fomba noted that “Having looked at the objection before me and with reference to both sections 76 (1a) and 63 (Act No.4) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and the Public Elections Act of 2012 respectively, I have considered the explanations submitted in support of the objection and I have concluded that the evidence is insufficient to reverse the provisional nomination of Yumkella Kandeh Kolleh.”

The NGC had all along been convinced that the objection was frivolous and without merit and an attempt to deprive the electorate of their right to choose a candidate of their choice. We also believe that the objection was simply meant to divert attention and prevent the public from focusing on the terrible record of the APC government.

We therefore urge all our members and supporters to continue to work towards an NGC victory in the March 2018 elections.

Dr. Julius Spencer
NGC Campaign Spokesman


1958 -1980


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