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25th May 2018

Positive Fullahs Endorse NGC Leader as Misused APC, SLPP Fullahs Spit Fire!

By Abu Shaw in London (24/01/18)

The Fulbeh Union for Progressive Sierra Leone (FUP-SL) has endorsed the candidacy of the National Grand Coalition NGC party leader.


It happened on Sunday, 21st January, 2018 at the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown where the NGC presidential flag bearer Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella was overwhelmingly endorsed by the (FUL-SL) for the presidential elections in March 7, 2018. (Photo: NGC leader Dr. Yumkella, in Fullah robes, during his endorsement in Freetown).

It was a colourful endorsement in a typical Fullah traditional fashion. Dr. Yumkella was thrilled during the ceremony when he was made to wear the 'Leypey' gown, a beautiful Fullah regalia. The NGC leader also wore the unmistakable hand made Fullah cap that crowns the fashionita scenery. A pretty Fullamusu girl, in cultural outfit, also handed Dr. Yumkella a calabash decorated with Sierra Leone currency notes as a sign of full and unflinching support.

Nonetheless, this pomp endorsement of the NGC leader did not go down well with two sections of the Fullah community i.e. the APC Fullahs and the SLPP Fullahs. Dr. Yumkella's FUP-SL thumbs up was even more shocking for the APC and SLPP Fullahs as these two oldest political parties had already selected two Fullah running mates in the persons of Chernor Bah and Dr. Juldeh Jalloh for APC and SLPP respectively.

The Sierra Leone political landscape continues to be tribalised especially for the already divided Fullah ethnic group which the corrupt APC and failing SLPP parties have exploited for political gains. The Fullahs, the third largest tribe in Sierra Leone behind the Mendes and Temnes, have been so butchered politically that the March 7 presidential and general elections will see disunited Fullah electorates falling over one another. Very disgusting scenario indeed!

Historically, the Fullah Progressive Union (FPU), the umbrella body for Fullahs in Sierra Leone and abroad, has always been smeared with disunity as far back as the years of its late President and business tycoon Alhaji Bailor Barrie in the eighties.

Fullahs, especially those in Guinea and Sierra Leone, are noted for their academic and business acumen but when it comes to political affairs, they have very low marks. The Fullah division in to the Timbo and Timbi factions - sadly each faction claiming to be more Fullah than the other - continue to be the catalyst responsible for the ongoing disunity within the Fullahs in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Political pundits believe the allegiance paid to these two factions is largely responsible for Fullahs' political inability to assume the presidency in Sierra Leone and Guinea. Particularly in Guinea where prominent and well educated Fullahs like Alpha Yayah, Telli Diallo, Barrie Trois and most recently Mamadou Bah, Siradiou Diallo, Cellou Dalein Diallo could not utilise Fullahs' majority votes to become president. Always shocking results as Fullah poiliticians often come to touching distance of power but eventually elude them in Guinea! Only God knows why!

"Political ineptitude is the primary loophole some political parties are exploiting to intensify the division within the Fullahs in Sierra Leone and Guinea for their own selfish aspirations," many observers have concluded.

In Sierra Leone for instance, a simple Fullah chieftancy election has never ended amicably as the Timbo/Timbo factions always play a pivotal role in deciding how voters vote. This political infighting has been happening within the Fullah community in Sierra Leone for decades. No wonder, this disunity has now boiled over in to national politics where political parties are cleverly milking it to their own whims and caprices.

As for editor Abu Shaw, like many other positive Sierra Leone Fullahs in and outside the country, he believes the NGC party is best placed to prioritise national development rather than partisanship unlike the APC and SLPP parties that always put party interests above country. All Sierra Leone Fullahs are therefore urged to unite behind Dr. Yumkella, the new kid on the block, as putting Salone Fos shows that NGC is ready for real change.    

Interestingly, however Fullahs in other African countires beside Guinea and Sierra Leone are so politically aware that they have attained the highest office in many of their respestive nations. It is largely due to the united front the Fullahs continue to show in places like Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali etc. where Fullahs have attained the presidency. Hopefully, the Sierra Leone and Guinea Fullahs would emulate this political maturity. Spitting fire will only aid and abet disunity and further exacerbate being used and misused and then dumped by corrupt politicians. 'Time for my Fullah brothers and sisters to wake up and vote for NGC.'

Press Release by another Fullah Union Distancing itself from the FUP-SL, the Supporter of Dr. Yumkella

The attention of the leadership and the general membership of the original and parent body of the Fulbeh Progressive Union in Sierra Leone ( FPU-SL), has been drawn to a function that was held today, Sunday, 21st January, 2018 at the Miatta conference hall in Freetown and to various untrue and misleading news reports circulating wildly in the social media, in which a purported Fullah-based organization claiming deceitfully to be an umbrella organization for all Fullahs in Sierra Leone, by the name of Fulbeh Union for Progressive Sierra Leone (FUP-SL) and that the Fullah community in Sierra Leone, has unanimously endorsed the NGC presidential flag bearer, Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella as their choice for the presidency in the upcoming presidential elections.

Subsequent to the above, the original (FPU-SL), which was formally established in the country since 1985, wishes to clearly and strongly disassociate itself from this so called (FUP-SL) and its misguided and self-centered political opportunism and blackmail. The (FPU-SL), is a national, non-political socio-cultural organization which aims at achieving unity, peace, cooperation and progress, not only for its members but rather for the entire country as a whole.

The (FPU-SL) therefore, view this unfortunate development as a cheap and desperate attempts by unscrupulous individuals who want to achieve political gains at all cost. The so called (FUP-SL), is hereby requested to immediately retract their misleading and untrue utterances with regards to the purported endorsement of the Fullahs for Dr. Yumkella.

We also call on them to halt the calculated misuse of the original (FPU-SL) registered business name and 'trade mark', to avoid legal action. In conclusion, the (FPU-SL) wishes to inform the general public that it will continue to monitor the situation closely and is hereby urging all its members to remain calm and law abiding.

Signed: Alhaji Mohamed Karim Jalloh (Kello),
Chairman, Western Area (FPU-SL)

N/B: Alhaji Kello is well known to be a supporter of the ruling APC party.


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