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19th February 2018

Magistrate Orders the Arrest of ADP Party Leader for Unlawful Arms Possession! 

By a press release (22/01/18)

Bench warrant for the presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party ADP has been ordered by the Magistrate in Kailahun District.


Reports say Magistrate Samai sitting at the Segbwema Magistrate Court Kailahun District has ordered the arrest of Chairman and Leader of the ADP, Mr Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray and his co-accused, one Mohamed Bangura. The warrant was issued on Thursday January 18, 2018. (Photo: ADP leader and running mate).

The bench warrant was for the prosecution of Mr. Kamaraimba who is accused of unlawful possession of a small arm without licence. Mr. Mohamed Bangura is accused of malicious damage and wounding.

Magistrate Samai has confirmed that this latest warrant is because the two accused persons have shown gross contempt for the court for failing to appear in court on previous dates when the case was adjourned.

He stressed that this was not the first time this has happened but that the accused persons have made it a habit of treating the court with levity and disrespect.

Magistrate Samai said that the accused persons must recognize that their case in which they are jointly charged, has nothing to do with politics but that they are standing trial on charges of purely criminal nature.

The Magistrate issued the bench warrant with an order that the two accused persons be arrested and kept in secure detention until the next adjourned date.

Mr. Kamaraimba Mansaray is alleged to have been in unlawful possession of a stun gun without licence which the prosecution alleges to be a small arm which has the capacity to incapacitate and kill both human and animals.

The weapon in question was found on Kamaraimba's person during a bye election held at Segbwema which was won by the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party with the ruling All Peoples Congress party taking second place.

Mohamed Bangura who is 1st accused in the matter, is alleged to have attacked APC supporters with stones and other crude missiles and in the process allegedly destroyed the windscreen of one Mr. Bah who was also allegedly wounded on his forehead by the said missiles.

Counsels for both accused persons didnot turn up in court and no excuse was issued for their absence. Matter is being prosecuted by Senior State Counsel, Ms Umu Sumaray.

Courtesy: Pastor Mohamed Sesay reporting from Segbwema Magistrate Court


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