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25th May 2018

Remembrance to Hail the late Moseray Fadika 'Super', the Salone Humanitarian!

By Ranger (18/01/18)

The Moseray Fadika Trust has recently conducted a commemoration outdoor services simultaneously at three locations in Freetown. 


It was in honour of the gargantuan humanitarian gestures of the late Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika, alias Super, whose family in collaboration with the Fadika Trust remembered on 31 December, 2017 this true son of Sierra Leone. The events attracted thousands of people from all walks of life across Sierra Leone and the world at large.
According to a release from the Trust, the three venues included the Orange Car Park at IMATT, Hill Station (for residents from the West and Mountain District of Freetown); 17 Muctaru Drive, off Regent Road, Lumley (for residents from the West and Mountain District of Freetown) and 22 Magazine Cut, in front of the family compound (for residents from the East and Central Districts of Freetown).

The commemorative event was organised as part of the activities marking the 1st anniversary since the sudden passing away of Moseray Fadika in a London hospital.

The commemoration entitled 'Super Day' was promoted in honour and in memory of Ambassador Fadika's remarkable character, generosity and service to humanity, with a view to inspiring and engaging Sierra Leoneans to take action and emulate the good work of the late man.

The event was attended by people and organisations from across the world including family members, friends, fans, representatives of the Moseray Fadika Trust and the All Walks of life (AWOL); representatives from government and non-government institutions, the business/private sector, religious and traditional leaders, people from the Diaspora, students, community groups and youth organisations, that are currently being inspired by the work of 'Super'.

Reports say Fadika’s twin daughters Tigidankay and Nancy Fadika delivered the keynote address. The former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo also delivered a goodwill message via video link recorded from Nigeria.

This was part of the Trust’s ongoing work to keep Fadika’s legacy alive, and his development initiatives that reflect our collective aspirations as Africans and the values that inspired Fadika to become a true Ambassador of Africa, who taught us the values of prayers, selflessness, humanity, prosperity, charity, integrity and respect for one another.

The Moseray Fadika Trust continues to adopt this message 'We Are Born Poor. We Must Not Die Poor' this year as a firm call to take action towards tackling poverty and to improve the lives of those facing poverty and inequality in our communities on a daily basis.

The late philanthropist was very passionate about tackling poverty through job creation and businesses in Africa with this historic theme ‘We Are Born Poor. We must Not Die Poor’, which the Trust has promised to uphold in his memory.


1958 -1980


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