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25th May 2018

Worst Sierra Leone Awards for 2017, Thanks to the Corrupt APC Government!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo  (14/01/18)

President Ernest Koroma used the fight against corruption as his campaigned tool but the looting has continued, albeit more barbarous.


The Worst Corporate Entity:

After viewing the awful pillageing of national resources which practically guaranteed foreign exchange realised from the sale of our natural resources and other governmental sources, was spirited away before it ever got to the shores of the country, irrespective of the fact that President Koroma used the fight against corruption as his campaigned tool to become President. The looting has continued, albeit more barbarous. (Photo; President Ernest Koroma heading a corrupt APC regime).

Taking knowingness of the slack governance structure, absence of effective corporate regulatory and enforcement mechanisms and a miserable citizenry asleep and helpless by utmost lack, thus unable and unwilling to challenge ontoward situations, many corporate organisations have taken it upon themselves to gouge, beguile and milk the Sierra Leonean public. From the confectionaries, to the brewers, to the educational institutions and various large scale enterprises, every corporate entity seems to be perfecting long fangs with which to intensify their capacity to suck the Sierra Leonean consumer dry.

One industry, in Year 2017, surpassed all others in terms of their dubiety and inauspicious impact on the Sierra Leonean citizen and Sierra Leone at large.

With shylock interest rates (usually over 20% interest on loans), rates repayable only by persons mired in drugs or human trafficking ventures and ensured to ruin any licit business; in question hidden charges mostly imposed by commercial Banks against their customers; and deployment of quasi-criminal loan recovery tactics and techniques that would have in other saner climates earned the Directors of such Banks long spells behind bars, amongst other irregular practices, the Sierra Leone Banking industry has proved a clog in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Sierra Leonean. The acme banking agency, the Central Bank of Sierra Leone, which has tremendous regulatory and administrative powers over the Banking industry, compounds the situation with it’s Mafia-like closeness and lack of transparency, connivance with public officials to siphon huge sums out of SierraLeone a destructive regime of multiple extremely diverse foreign currency exchange rates which overnight, in one fell swoop, create US Dollar millionaires – encouraging mediocrity above merit and ultimately thickening the devastation of the Sierra Leone economy.

For the harms its actions, inactions, incertitude and opacity caused Sierra Leoneans in Year 2017, the Central Bank of Sierra Leone is hereby awarded the Worst Corporate Entity for Year 2017.

The Worst Arm of Government/State Agency

In a year when despite collecting billions of Leones from nationals under the pretense of ‘ Economic Rationalisation’ with huge tax increase in all essential goods, several State Ministeries and Agencies owed their workers’ salaries ranging from 5 months to 15 months backlogs, and during which some Ministries had formulate the quasi-criminal practice of forcing the States civil servants to sign (under duress) and as a condition precedent to collecting their monthly salaries, contract papers forfeiting huge percentages of their due wages to the State; plus funds collected on behalf of landslide victimsstill in limbo; a year when the formless entity known as the Sierra Leone Parliament has been severally exposed as a conduit for approving rogue bills, that led to illicit transfers and unconstitutional misappropriation of public funds; it is clear that with so many Parliamentarians qualified for the miserable award as the Worst Members of Parliament of the Year, it would take a stunningly oblique, foxily disingenuous and a character whose negatives widen beyond his Parliament borders and belike to the international arena, to clinch this ungentle title.

None other fits this Award than a character whose institution has raised deception in governance to an art, deployed discrimination, cronyism and good old plain lying as primal tools of governance; acknowledged in own action of being pushed to the brink of insanity by the outrageousness of responsibilities of the Parliament; they ventured on large-scale land gifts and financial rewards without vetting Presidential appointees for self and dependants using the instrumentalities of the Office of Parliament as subterfuge and spices up the rot by up righting sculptures of all manners of discredited and discreditable characters from across the country and beyond to spite the peoples of the State they were supposed to represent who are widely respected as people of integrity and culture. The winner of the Year 2017 Worst Arm of Government, is Hon. Speaker of Parliament S. B. Dumbuya.

The Worst Minister/Agency

The din of misfits which qualified the appointment of persons to the various Ministries, it was clear that right from the very onset, the sufferings and disaster Sierra Leoneans are having to live through was very much expected. From the Economist who served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, to the Attorney who presides over the Ministry of Justice, to the Engineer who presides over the Ministry of Energy and the vital Transportation & Aviation Ministry handed over to a man whose main qualification was having illegally gathered the treasury of the State through emergency bills, Sierra Leone was viciously designed (in the past 12 months of this present government) into economic slump from which it is finding most difficult to disentangle itself.

The national agencies and parastatals, taking a cue from the quality of their supervising Ministers, tended to outdo each other in incompetence, wilful neglect of duty and generally contributing to the sorry position Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans find themselves.

Based on the often repeated position that the present administration will never tackle the cankerworm of corruption which smites the Sierra Leone society, and the reality that incidents of large-scale corruption has gained momentum and frequency with the public clearly spotting a partisan slant in the so-called efforts at addressing corruption – a gook that regrettably accords those in the ‘preferred’ partisan divide, immunity to prevail mind-boggling looting; the Anti Corruption Commission has typify the disconnect between professed goals and reality, societal expectation and failure in service delivery by our Governments which has combined to relegate Sierra Leone to its sorry state in all global indexes for development. The Worst Minister/Agency Award for Year 2017 is hereby bestowed on the Anti Corruption Commission.

The Worst Sierra Leonean

In other climates, when the people are compacted to the wall by the bribery of their rulers, there is always a backlash from the population to remind those charged with their affairs that there is a cost for maladministration of public affairs and poor governance.

From the reaction of Tunisians to the seizure of the wares of Buazizi and his subsequent self-immolation, to the reaction of the Togolese public to misrule by a psudo-monarchical dictator, and the ongoing reaction of Iranians to slight hike in prices of basic household needs and food items, there is always a commensurate reaction by the people to hardship inflicted on them by their rulers.

In the face of the worst devastation of our currency, destruction of the national and individual economies, forced destitution of our people, colossal failure of the state to protect the citizenry from political armed bandits resulting in decimation of our population, wastage of our youth leading to mass exodus from the country of the vibrant segment of its population, the Sierra Leone public has remained complicity comatose. Hedges of regional and ethnic divides which have been waged between the various people of the country has served to blind the population to the need to rise in unison against their albatrosses.

For failing to peacefully rise and free ourselves from shackles which weigh us down, the Sierra Leone civil society is hereby bestowed with the Worst Sierra Leone Award for Year 2017.

Courtesy: By Mahmud Tim Kargbo


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