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24th March 2018

Sierra Leone Mobile Subscribers Levy Kudos to AFRICELL for a Successful 2017 

By Ranger (12/01/18)

Subscribers have levy praise on AFRICELL, the most successful mobile phone service provider in the country, for a very successful 2017.


Reports say AFRICELL are optimistic that 2018 will be even more challenging and successful. According to several subscribers who confided to this press, they are extremely grateful to AFRICELL for not only making many of them millionaires and self-employed.

Subscribers also say they have put their AFRICELL lottery winnings into productive investments and are confident and hopeful that AFRICELL would continue its superior network services in the years ahead.

Though it was not all smooth sailing throughout 2017 for the AFRICELL management, the opinion of many subscribers is that they enjoyed the services and promotions offered by AFRICELL and they thanked the company’s approach to making the lives of Sierra Leoneans better.

On the side of the AFRICELL management, they are happy that most subscribers commend them for a job well done in 2017 and added that they are poised to do more in the coming year because without subscribers there would be no one to commend the services or take part in the promotions offered by AFRICELL.

Reliable sources at NATCOM, Ministry of Information and Communication and the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Telecommunications, confirmed that AFRICELL managed to impress the government in terms of keeping up to its obligations and in its corporate social responsibility. AFRICELL managed to ensure that it paid all its dues, taxes and obligations to the National Revenue Authority and other revenue collecting agencies unlike some companies who woefully dodged their responsibilities.

The company was not able to beautify roundabouts like the Cotton Tree and Bottom Mango Roundabout as it normally does during the festive season due to electioneering billboards of political candidates that overwhelmed these roundabouts.

But AFRICELL says it has plans to do something special to beautify the capital city Freetown and major towns in the country in 2018.


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