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25th June 2018

APC Thug Chief Warned to Stop Harassing C4C Party Members in Kono!

By a press release (10/01/18)

The newsly formed Coalition for Change Party has warned an APC thug to stop harassing their members in the eastern part of Sierra Leone.


Reports say the C4C party has in its possession indisputable evidence that intimated that a traditional ruler of Tankoro Chiefdom in Kono, Eastern Sierra Leone, is noted for intimidating members of the C4C party. (Photo: C4C leader Sam Sumana waving to fans on arrival at Lungi Airport recently).

C4C sources say the APC thug and sympathiser is Chief Paul Saquee who has been accused of instigating other violent persons to bring down legal advertising billboards that belong to the C4C party.

The C4C party, a newly registered political party, is led by the former APC Vice President Abubakar Sidique Sahr Sam-Sumana. Observers believe, some mad supporters of the ruling APC party still remain unhappy with their former VP who recently won an ECOWAS ruling for his unconstitutional sacking by President Ernest Koroma.

Reports also confirmed that the C4C members are being threatened for protesting and venting their anger against the unruly APC Chief who continues to pull down C4C billboards legally displayed in Tankoro. "Our supporters have been threatened with arrest even though we have not committed any offence under the law," angry C4C supporters noted.

The C4C Party would like to remind the Law Enforcement, Traditional Rulers and the general public that on Wednesday 20th December, C4C became a certified political party and has the right to enjoy freedom of association and other freedoms just like the APC or any other political party, the press release stressed.

"Singling the C4C party members out for harassment is testament that the ruling APC party is jittery over the coming events in March 2018, when the people’s elected Vice President Sam Sumana shall be elected as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

"It is unfortunate that 56 years, after Sierra Leone earned her right to self rule and 20 years after the last of the military juntas was defeated by the people’s power and the country reformatted for pluralistic democracy, persons with little sense of direction continue to display political backwardness that undermine our democracy.

"C4C Party believes that if the ruling APC party had worked in the interests of the Muslims aspiring for Hajj pilgrimage, for instance, or had treated the victims of the mudslide in August fairly, or had provided conducive learning environment for students in universities and did not impose exorbitant toll fees and ensured that embezzlers of dire needed Ebola funds were arrested and jailed, or did not loot national coffers to construct cosmetic roads, the APC operatives would not be worried nor would they be harassing opposition members.

"The C4C believes that the ruling APC party has failed the people woefully and are encouraging directionless persons to perpetrate disturbances, and use the ensuing chaos as excuse and defer the elections date or derail our democracy. The persons who knowingly or unknowingly engage in the habit of intimidation are hereby informed that they will be tried in an international court of law after the C4C assumes office.

"The Coalition 4 Change is confident that no amount of intimidation shall stop 'the stone that the builders rejected' from becoming the 'head cornerstone' in the C4C 2018 government. The voters are once again invited to visit our offices across the country to register their memberships, or, join us online at, and," the press release concluded.

Courtesy: Coalition for Change Party, 16 Main Motor Road, Congo Cross, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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