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24th March 2018

Internal Affairs Minister Assures Residents of Maximum Security in Kenema!

By Philip Koroma (10/01/18)

Rise of robberies in Kenema suburbs have ignited the Internal Affairs Minister to instinctively promise total security for Kenema residents.


Reports say the Minister of Internal Affairs in Sierra Leone Rtd. Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma (photo) on Friday December 29, 2017 assured residents of Kenema town of maximum security in conjunction with collaborative community supports in clamping down perpetrators.

He said the perpetual harassment on the residences of peaceful citizens by unidentified persons at night does not only instill fear in residents but also drives away potential investors who may create job employments for the youths in the country.

Minister Koroma confirmed receiving several concerns from relatives and friends on the continuous harassment and raid on peaceful citizens before assuring them of his ministry's commitment to guaranteeing the wellbeing of all irrespective of tribe, age and religion.

Rtd. Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma is expected to visit certain groups in Kenema and urged all to collaborate with the Sierra Leone police in order to actualise their security aspirations.

He is expected to accompany the Minister of State East Momoh Vandy to Joru Gaura chiefdom where he will present as promised bags of cements, iron rods and a fiscal cash to the traditional leaders and youths.

Kenema residents especially Burma community will surely sleep sound due to the arrival of the Internal Affairs Minister whom they describe as God sent to strengthen the peace in the district.


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