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19th February 2018

Tonkolili Threatens to Join NGC if APC Minister Imposes MPs for Parliament!

By Michael Turay (06/01/18)

The people of Tonkolili have accused Dr. Minkailu Bah of killing the APC due to his persistence in imposing vying candidates for parliament.


Latest reports say a wave of anger and disenchantment towards the ruling APC party, thanks to Dr. Bah's dictatorial tendencies, is creeping across what is previously considered the most consistent stronghold of the APC party. (Photo: The tyrant Education Minister Dr. Minkailu Bah).

The people of Tonkolili District have become increasingly edgy over what they described as unacceptable imposition of parliamentary candidates by Dr. Minkailu Bah, who is also Sierra Leone's Education Minister.

For instance, the unilateral awarding of party symbols by Minister Minkailu Bah have remained contentious in several Constituencies including 052, 049, 050 etc. in the district.

At 052, Minister Minkailu Bah has been accused of manipulating the process of awarding symbols in favour of an incumbent called Abdulai Sesay aka ABD. This incumbent who has long lost favour among his constituents, was recently seen importing (renting) crowds from nearby constituencies to beef up his crowds thus giving the fake impression that he has massive support.

Information from the ground suggest that most people are now ready to pitch tents with the National Grand Coalition NGC if the candidate of their choice is not awarded the APC party symbol. The NGC, a new but growing party, is led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella.

Others interviewed said they are APC but will refrain from voting in the next elections. "Dr Minkailu Bah has killed our party here and if he continues to impose candidates on us, he will regret it this time," explained Brima Kamara an unemployed youth in Yele town.

Other Tonkolili elders have also expressed similar sentiments but are afraid to speak out openly for fear of being victimized by Minister Minkailu Bah.

The APC imposition strategy of candidates vying for parliament is now a national tragedy. Very recently, APC supporters protested at the APC headquarters in Freetown against candidates who were imposed on the people by the ruling party. "Very dirty and disgusting politics by my loving APC," an angry supporter echoed.

By Michael Turay, School Teacher, Gbonkolenken


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