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25th May 2018

APC Blacked Out NGC as Yumkella Unearths Corruption and Unveils Keili!

By a press release (06/01/18)

Observers say the blackouts on very day the NGC leader was on air about APC corruption and unveiling running mate was no coincidence! 


Observers believe the EDSA, responsible for distributing and providing general electricity supply to the people of Sierra Leone, allegedly connived with the APC government to hit the capital Freetown with general blackouts the very day the National Grand Coalition NGC party presidential candidate Dr. Kandeh Yumkella was on air.

"The Freetown General Black Out on that very day was no coincidence at all. It was a systematic scheme by the EDSA and the ruling APC government to prevent Sierra Leoneans from listening to the NGC leader's message," angry NGC supporters told the media.

This just happened while the NGC presidential candidate Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella was exposing the corrupt practices of the APC government and was about to unveil his Running Mate Mr. Andrew Keili to the people of this country on national television, AYV.

Reliable sources have also confirm that EDSA in connivance with the APC government has plans already in place to repeat the black out strategy to thwart opposition parties as the most unpredictable general and presidential elections on March 7, 2018 gain momentum.

"One thing that's certainly certain for sure is that no one can stop the wind of change. The people of this country are tired, fed-up and disgruntled. And they're now unanimously demanding for change with Yumkella and his NGC team," ardent supporters warn.

An APC government official when contacted on this black out issue, said however that APC party has more important things to concentrate on rather than petty politics.

Courtesy: Yagba D' APC Media


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