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25th May 2018

Massive Lift for SLPP as Maada Exonerated for the Bambay Kamara Execution!

By a press release (04/01/18)

Julius Bambay Kamara, son of former Inspector General of Police, James Bambay Kamara, has exonerated Maada Bio for his dad's death.


Bambay Junior recently told a Sierra Leone newspaper that he will never play politics with the killing of his late father by the military junta of Captain Valentine Strasser. “Somebody has to take responsibility for the killing of my late father and others on 29th December, 1992. "I blame Captain Strasser," he emphasised. (Photo: Bambay Kamara Jr with President Koroma).

The son said he had written a letter to the APC Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma, calling on them to apologize for the killing of his late father. “We cannot continue this way. Someone has to take responsibility. I hold Captain Valentine Strasser personally responsible for the killing of my father because, he was both the Chairman of NPRC and Head of State at the time my father and other serving officers were summarily executed by his regime,” he said.

Mr. Julius Bambay Kamara admitted that he admired Brigadier (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio’s courage for taking collective responsibility for the execution of his father. “I know he was not the Head of State at the time my father was executed. The buck stops at Captain Strasser’s desk. So, he must take full responsibility for that heinous crime,” Bambay Junior said.

According to Julius Bambay Kamara (Trustee of the Bambay Kamara Estate and Leader of the 29 Memorial Foundation For Justice and Development), the current Government should pay the benefits of all those serving officers that were executed by the NPRC on 29th December 1992.

“The healing process must start there. We cannot continue to express our bitterness over the killing of our parents forever. This Government should come out and apologise on behalf of the NPRC Government. Government is continuity. We want to close this sad chapter now and move on with our lives,” Julius Bambay Kamara noted.

He continued: “I cannot dictate to the Government who and who to deal with. But seeing the Vice President driving in the same vehicle with the man who is personally responsible for killing my dad is, to say the truth, hurtful."

Mr. Julius Bambay Kamara ended his interview by reiterating that he would never use the death of his late father as a political football. “I will never play politics with my father’s death,” he said.

Courtesy: The Global Times newspaper, Sierra Leone


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