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25th May 2018

APC Bootlicker Blasts Diasporans who Highlight APC Corruption in Govt!

By a press release (02/01/18)

A ridiculous APC baldhead has describe Sierra Leoneans residing abroad who remind APC of corruption in government as 'anti-progressives'.


One APC Pekin, who puts party interests above nationalism writes: The development of Sierra Leone is no doubt in the hands of Sierra Leoneans - most of whom continue to make meaningful contributions to nation building. Most of them can proudly grant a profound attestation of their contributions to the socio-economic development of our nation for which the commoners are grateful. The people of Sierra Leone will forever cherish the resounding efforts of these meaningful Sierra Leoneans who have over the years embraced change and know nothing but greasing the wheel of change. (Photo: Ridiculous that APC is using road developments to entertain corruption!).  

The folks in the DIASPORA especially from the opposition parties and movements are the complete opposite. They are specialised in anti-development rhetorics. We see them on social medium making false assertions and unsubstantiated facts.

To them, I say don’t just sit behind your keyboards and call for change or imagining Sierra Leone could be like Great Britain or United States of America over night without knowing the reality of things on the ground in Sierra Leone.

For a country to move forward, we must refrain from making such comments on social media especially those comments that have the tendency to destroy the reputation of our beloved country. Obviously, with the manner in which they are going, it is important to say that they are not watering the ‘seeds of growth’, they notably kill it by their action. As a nation, we cannot deny the fact that we are not there yet, but the obvious truth is that we have come a long way from where we were when President Ernest Bai Koroma took over the reigns of government. Unfortunately, politics has beclouded our sense of reasoning to the extent that we have lost our sense of patriotism.

I’m presently in the capital observing the mood of our people as they go about finding their daily bread. I can attest with absolute certainty that there is only one political party making the loudest noise, and seconded by the main opposition party. I swear to the God I worship, I am hearing nothing about any coalition. I therefore hold a firm belief that the coalition groups are mainly in the Diaspora where they talk the talk and bluff the bluff.

They should therefore be reminded that the people of Sierra Leone are no longer sordid, as they can now tell a tiger by its spot. The callous and weak politics of ‘shouting’ and ‘talking’ is no longer the politics in appreciation. It’s an antiquated rhetorics that has no political foundation in Mama Salone. The people are fed up with vibes and lyrics. Some are loudly saying that “at least with APC in power, we are assured of better future, and we believe Dr Samura would concentrate on the ‘bread’ and ‘butter’ issues which are now more pertinent”. So in essence, the people want continuity not a change of government.

Having Dr Samura at the helm of affairs will no doubt take Sierra Leone to another level of development considering the fact that he has the required experience and expertise to run a government having served in several government institutions over the years.

However, my greatest amazement is the question of ‘Why?’ why are these folks so desperate for power? I’ve been pondering over this issue since the race commenced, but I am yet to come to terms with their demeanours, and also not been able to comprehend the reasons for their desperation.

But I can only suggest that it must have been caused by a wave of audible dissatisfaction in the camp of the opposition parties, and the newly formed movements precipitated by greed and desperation for power. So any good and intuitive accomplishment by the incumbent is terrible in the eyes of the desperados. Therefore, there act of degradation should not come as a surprise to members of the progressive APC institution.

Courtesy: Abes, APC Pekin

Editor's Note:

Observers can understand why some APC baldheads are intentionally dodging the negatives their ruling party continues to face like the disgraceful Ebolagate, Hajjagate, Mudslidegate issues where millions of US dollars meant for poor victims disappeared in thin air, thanks to the corrupt-ridden APC party from top to bottom. These fake party diehards put selfish party interests above nationalism. However, some of us believe nationalism must supercede party interests. For Sierra Leone, we will continue to unearth corruption in the ruling APC government as the unpredictable March 7, general elections draw nearer. This is a promise, not a threat!


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