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25th May 2018

'Campaign' Tours End as Ernest Markets Samura & Chericoco Nationwide!

By Brigadier Kastino (02/01/18)

President Ernest Koroma's 'Thank You' tours, dubbed 'APC Campaigns Kickstart' to market his successor Dr. Samura Kamara, have ended.


It's a little over three months now when the All peoples Congress party held it national convention at the APC regional office in Makeni, where Dr Samura Kamara emerged as the presidential candidate and Chernor Bah running mate for the APC for the forth coming general elections. (Photo: Ernest toured with Samura and Chericoco).

As result, the President, who also doubles as the leader and chairman of the APC together with Dr Samura Kamara and running mate Chernor Bah and other party stakeholders embarked on a 'Thank You' tours across the country to thank and show appreciation to members of the APC party and well wishers.

On Tuesday the 12TH December 2017, President Koroma and his entourage stormed Port Loko to thank the people of the district for their unflinching support given to the APC party since the formation of the party.

During the visit President Koroma commissioned the Bankasoka mini hydro power station which produces 2.5 mega watts of electricity for the people of Port Loko. The people overwhelmingly welcomed President Koroma and his entourage and thanked him for his marvellous work in their district.

The 'Thank You' tour continued to Kambia district where they were also warmly welcomed by the people. From Kambia district the tour continued to Makeni the regional headquarters of the north, where a mammoth number of people assembled at entrance of the town to welcome the president and entourage. In Makeni the people were opportuned to have a very educative public lectures by Dr. Samura Kamara at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK) for short.

The tour continued to the south eastern districts of Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun and other towns in the southeast. In the east the people of Kenema and Kailahun districts including Paramount Chiefs and stakeholders euphoricly welcomed His Excellency and his entourage where they publicly vowed to give their support to President Koroma in extension to Dr. Samura Kamara, his mate Chernor Bah and the APC party come March 7, 2018 elections.

According to them the APC government under good leadership of President Koroma has done so well that they are left with no option but to join the train of development by supporting the APC party.

One of the speakers Musa sheriff said at the Kailahun District Court Barry that Kailahun district was known to be the stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) for the past decades but nothing was done for them. Now tangible developments have been brought by the ruling APC government in their district.

So they are ready to change Kailahun district from being SLPP stronghold to APC stronghold with no regret. They thanked President Koroma and his government for the good work and for always considering them since his inception in power.

The visit was climaxed by cultural dances and they later continued their 'Thank You' tour to Pujehun district where they were also warmly welcomed by the people of that district.

On Friday 22nd December, 2017 the successful tours continued to the southern district of Bo, Sierra Leone's second city and the regional headquarters of the south.


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