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25th May 2018

President Koroma's In-Law Replaces the Humiliated Former SLRSA Director!

By Alieu Kondoh (02/01/18)

President Ernest Koroma is cleverly leaving family members in positions of trust before his presidential exit after the March 7, 2018 elections.


Following the unpleasant development at SLRSA involving the then Executive Director Dr. Sarah Bendu and the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Leonard Balogun Koroma, Dr. Sarah Bendu has been replaced by her deputy Memunatu Koroma (photo), the wife of one of President Koroma's brothers.

Speaking at a SLRSA staff meeting, the chairman of the Board of Directors SLRSA Rev. Micheal Samura noted that since his appointment as Board Chairman of SLRSA, he has faced enormous challenges by the Executive Director and the persistent intervention of her husband, Dalton Bendu in the affairs of the authority.

Rev. Samura mentioned some failures of the Executive Director in the disbursement of funds, the delay in giving staff benefits and failure to comply with labour laws, dismissal of personnel without due process.

He said Dr. Bendu terminated the services of the Head of Finance without the approval of the board and she has failed in implementing National Road Safety Policy.

The Board Chairman also noted the extravagant spending without board approval by the Executive Director, adding that; “Dr. Bendu has not been meeting the target set by the Board and that she has also not been running the authority in the interest of the country but as a one woman show.”

Rev. Samura concluded that there is the interference of the Executive Director’s husband in all aspect of the authority which he said is a total display of disrespect for the authority.

President in Law, Memunatu Koroma thanked the Minister of Transport and Aviation, the Board Chairman and members of the board for this rare privilege to serve in the capacity of Acting Executive Director for such an important agency of the government and people of Sierra Leone.

She said the challenge will be compelling and demanding but together with his colleagues they will overcome and excel in spite of the odds. She said that her first focus will be to restore staff morale and reassure all members of staff that the days ahead will be better than the days behind them.

The wife of the President’s brother said that she intends to build a team whose hallmark will be transparent, accountable and professional service delivery. She assured that she will ensure appropriate resource planning and improved revenue returns to the coffers of the government and the people of Sierra Leone.

The Minister of Transport and Aviation Leonard Balogun Koroma in his statement said he is there to introduce the new Acting Executive Director, SLRSA and to address other issues that need clarification.

The Minister said that it is unfortunate that the erstwhile Executive Director decided to take the path of defiance of the Board of Directors following the issuance of leave notification letter by the SLRSA Board on Wednesday 20th December 2017.

He said Dr. Bendu called a press conference where she lambasted the government with unfounded allegation bordering on incitement of SLRSA workers, barricading her office and attempting to take away sensitive government documents which prompted the Board to send her on indefinite leave.

Balogun congratulated his boss’ in law on behalf of the Ministry for her elevation with the expectation that she will live up to the high expectation expected of her.

Meanwhile observers have condemned the way and manner in which Dr. Sarah Bendu was removed and replaced by a close family member of President Koroma.

They claimed that nepotism and cronyism have been the greatest destroyers of Koroma's government as people are even questioning the unexplained wealth of some of his close associates including family members.



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