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25th May 2018

Unacceptable that the Corrupt APC Government Maltreats Mudslide Victims! 

By Pastor M. Sesay (31/12/17)

It is unacceptable how the APC government of Ernest Koroma has maltreated hundreds of victims of the August 14 floods in Sierra Leone.


Many in the Sierra Leone Media are expressing their displeasure at the way so called mudslide victims have been treated by this government and rightly and wrongly so! (Photo: Naked remains of the August 14, 2017 mudslide in Sierra Leone).

Rightly so because the so called mudslide victims are fellow humans and as Bible says, rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

It is then only human for fellow humans to sympathize when other humans are said to be suffering. Wrongly so because those who are weeping with those who are weeping now do not half know the true story.

What most people don't know is that the mudslide drama is a complex deal that went wrong with the so called victims left to fall flat on their faces by those who are supposed to fulfil their own sides of the bargain but failed to.

Those who are parading now as mudslide victims were enjoying the deal while it lasted but unfortunately for them, those in the enterprise who were to deliver, have decided not to keep their own sides of the bargain.

So much evil has spread in this country that many people no longer fear God and no longer fear the impending calamity that follows certain game plans. There are people in this country who are mobile victims for every disaster whether it involves them or not.

Kroo Bay flooding: victims. Ebola: victims. Mudslide: victims. It is not like them becoming victims on the spur of the moment, but rather they are bona fide members of an enterprise that perennially impersonate victims of every disaster in the country in a scheme of collecting and sharing.

It is a complex game plan whereby their fellow schemers are always there to identify them as victims everywhere and at every disaster. It is an art perfected and it is a multi billion leones market from which leaders of the scheme have benefited a lot.

If those who are sympathising with the so called victims actually know what actually transpired on that August 14th mudslide disaster, they will think twice about where they should extend their sympathies.

The full story of what actually happened that night has never been told. That night was a terrible one for those that suffered. Citizens never asked why many of the bodies which were recovered, were naked and looked burnt with some of them limbless. Well that night was a night when our people perished due to negligence on the side of government and because of sin.

The exact place where the mudslide took place was the exact place that former Lands staff, Moore, was brutally murdered 12 years back when he went with armed police officers to demolish illegally erected buildings in that area on the orders of his bosses who believed then that that area was unsafe.

It was a mob murder so it was never easy to get a murder conviction since it couldn't be exactly pinpointed as to the role each mobster played that contributed to Mr Moore's death. Definitely gathered in that place were some of those who took part in that brutal murder and most probably their relatives.

Also gathered in that place were members of a blasphemous church called "born naked". They were busy ravishing themselves when disaster struck. The rains came, tremors were heard but those were no ordinary tremors. The earth shook and there was an almighty sound.

Some people woke up alarmed and they tried to escape. There were two routes: to either go across a small river that had formed due to the rains or climb a steep area that leads to Fanta Drive. Most escapees chose the former oblivious that lurking below and above that small river, was another problem worse than the mudslide itself.

As they tried to go across, like Lot's wife in the Bible, they looked back only to see all their houses buried. This scared them more because beneath the ground were buried relatives and friends and property.

In fear they chose to go across the small river not knowing that a live electric pole had been hit by a heavy stone and it was just waiting for them to roast them to death, burning their clothes and blackening their bodies almost to char and severing their limbs.

All who went through that route died very painful deaths, electrocuted and charred. The numbers that escaped from that area couldn't be up to ten with all else perishing. But at Old School alone, there were 136 families with each family numbering an average ten per family.

This will add up to 1360 people. Where did they come from? Well, as usual, they were brought by the schemers who identified them as victims. Again, donors have to be given an impression that there were thousands of survivors as monies don't go to the dead.

What the so called victims were promised they never got because there were those at the top who knew the game plan and who thought that this was their last chance as elections were just round the corner and there was no need now to release their God given loot.

This is the great heist. As the saying goes: "If a robber robs a robber....."

Courtesy: Pastor Mohamed Sesay


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